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Control4's Latest Smart Home Automation Announcements

Control4 Halo remote line.

Home Automation Goes Next Level With Control4 Halo Remotes 

Each year the smart home automation industry gathers with designers, homebuilders, and technology enthusiasts to share their newest and most exciting advancements in smart home technology. At this year's CEDIA event, which was held September 28 - October 1 in Dallas, TX, Control4 came to impress, announcing a new line of smart home control remotes and a new linear lighting solution.

Continue reading about these exciting new Control4 products and how they will enhance the smart technology lifestyle for homeowners from Amherst to Orchard Park, NY.

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Meet the Control4 Halo Family

Featuring strengthened Wi-Fi, voice activation, and new touch and non-touch design options, Control4's next-generation smart home control will provide homeowners with the convenient and streamlined smart home automation functions they have come to love.

The new Halo family of remotes builds on the success of the current Control4 Neeo remote, and you can use it to browse media, control smart devices in your home, and combine technology features into scenes for your daily routines. 

Advanced Technology

Control4 has updated some of the technology features from Neeo to deliver an even better user experience. For example, Halo has three to five times more Wi-Fi strength than the Neeo remote to provide users with greater connectivity. Additionally, a new ultra-low processor will help extend Halo remotes' battery life, something users will appreciate.

Voice Control Functionality

New voice control functions are featured in the Halo series and will provide an excellent alternative to old clunky provider remotes. By pushing the voice control button on Halo, you'll be able to interact with AppleTV and Xfinity devices using simple voice commands.

Touch and Non-Touch Options

The new Halo remotes come with standard or touchscreen options. The standard remote has a 2.8-inch color interface controlled by back-lit buttons, while the Halo Touch features a 3.2-inch touchscreen interface and operates similarly to a smartphone.

Control4 expects to launch Halo in Q4 2022, with Halo Touch following in Q1 2023.

Vibrant Linear Lighting

In addition to the Halo remote launch, Control4 also shined in CEDIA 2022 with the debut their new vibrant linear lighting solutions.

Vibrant linear lighting is a LED tape lighting solution with various color options, including white, tunable white, color, and color + tunable white. With these great options, homeowners will have fun designing lighting scenes to impress. Moreover, vibrant linear lighting supports circadian health and wellness initiatives, as it can mimic nature with cool lighting tones during the day and warmer tones at night.

At Sound & Theater, we are excited to help bring the newest and best in smart home automation technology to our customers from Amherst to Orchard Park, NY. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us, your local Control4 dealer, if you are interested in learning more about these new products.

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