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Is Your ISP or the Wi-Fi the Problem?


Optimize Home Network Performance with Professional Installation

Relying on the equipment provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) often falls short when it comes to ensuring seamless connectivity in your technology-rich home. Whether you live in Chautauqua, Niagara-on-the-Lake, or anywhere in between, understanding the limitations of ISP-supplied routers and modems and the difference between home network concerns and ISP issues is crucial for homeowners seeking premium performance. 

Here's why professional home networking installations are essential for a robust connectivity foundation in your home.

Managing Your Entire Home with an Automation System

Modern open concept kitchen and living area with sleek design and automated lighting.

Your 101 Guide to Controlling Lights, Thermostats, Entertainment & More

Smart home technology has dramatically altered how we interact with our living spaces. Imagine controlling every aspect of your time spent at home with just a few button taps or voice commands. Home automation systems offer unrivaled convenience and efficiency, from adjusting the thermostat and lights to monitoring security cameras and appliances.

Below, we explore how homeowners in Western New York can control lights, thermostats, security systems, entertainment, and more from anywhere, automating routines for a seamless living experience. 

It’s time to unlock the future of more intelligent living, so keep reading.

Outdoor Entertainment as Hot as the Summer Temperatures

outdoor entertainment area under a covered porch. A grill, TV, and seating are in the background.

Change How You Enjoy the Sunshine with Outdoor TVs from Sound & Theater

Transforming backyard spaces into an exciting entertainment oasis is a popular trend this time of year. With property-spanning sound coverage and robust outdoor 4K TVs designed to withstand the elements, you can enjoy your favorite shows and sports under the open sky. But what makes an outdoor TV suitable for your home, and how do you choose the right one? 

Here's everything you need to know about selecting an outdoor TV for your patio and poolside entertaining areas.

Why Sonance for Outdoor Speaker Systems?


Optimize Open-Air Entertainment in Western New York with Sound & Theater

Whether watching TV, gardening, or reading by the pool, spending time outdoors is always better with a great soundtrack. As we embrace the warmer weather, we’re all heading outside with our friends and families. 

The right outdoor speaker system featuring Sonance can transform your backyard spaces into enchanting retreats. Understanding the nuances of selecting and maintaining an outdoor speaker system that withstands the local weather conditions is crucial. 

Below, you’ll find what homeowners from Williamsville to Niagara Falls and everywhere in between should know to ensure their speaker setups are ready to break out of hibernation and enjoy some fun in the sun!