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A Seamless Whole-Home Audio Experience Awaits!

pool table in the far area of a living room. French doors lead to the patio space outside.

Integrating Your Audio System with Other Smart Home Devices

Integrating your whole-home audio system with other smart home devices has become a must-have feature of modern living. This seamless connectivity allows homeowners to control their audio experience with voice commands, automate playback based on their routines, and create a truly personalized listening environment no matter which room they’re located in.

From Williamsville to Orchard Park and beyond, the Sound & Theater team is here for you every step of the way. Discover what’s possible below—keep reading!

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3 Things You Should Add to Your Home Theater Remodel

A luxury home theater with a Sony projector.

Bring modernity to your home theater and elevate your entertainment experience!

When was the last time you upgraded your home theater? In a world where the line between cinematic experiences and home entertainment blurs, your home theater is your personal gateway to the world of expansive viewing. Whether it's the latest blockbusters, streaming series, or classic films, your home theater can deliver it all. However, to ensure your cinematic escape remains up-to-date with the latest entertainment technology, a home theater remodel is essential.

In this blog, we'll explore three must-have modern technologies that you should consider adding to your home theater during your next remodel. Take a look to discover how to enhance your experience in all of Western New York, from Buffalo to Ellicottville.

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living room with plush seating facing a fireplace with a smart home platform on the TV above it


In the age of Alexa and Siri, the dream of living in a "smart home" isn't a sci-fi fantasy anymore—it's reality. But as with all great innovations, there's a catch: choosing the right smart home contractor to work with for your project. 

From Clarence to Hamburg and beyond, we’re here for our clients. Unfortunately, we’ve seen a few DIY disasters in our extensive time in the industry. Below, we dive into common pitfalls homeowners experience and how to sidestep them. Keep reading!

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Audiovisual Installations: The Right Fit for Any Kind of Business

A group of people watch a soccer game in a bar’s video wall.

Whether You Have a Restaurant, an Office, or a Healthcare Facility, Elevate Your Spaces with Our Solutions!

In the competitive business world, creating captivating and immersive environments is vital for success. No matter what your line of business is, integrating audiovisual installations into your commercial spaces is a powerful tool to captivate your customer and promote collaboration among your staff. From retail to hospitality to education and beyond, AV solutions are transforming the way businesses operate and engage with their customers in Buffalo, Niagara Falls, or anywhere else in the Western New York area. 

In this blog, we will delve into the unique benefits audiovisual installations can bring to different industries. Keep reading to learn more!

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