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Major InfoComm 2024 Takeaways That Can Transform Business

They say what happens in Vegas stays there, but we disagree in this case! The InfoComm 2024 event showcased groundbreaking technology advancements in nearly every sector, but in this blog, we’ll highlight a few office automation and AV technology tools that can transform business environments. 

Whether you’re an owner in Buffalo, a manager in Niagara Falls, or another type of decision-maker, you know that staying ahead of the curve could make or break your company’s future success. 

Keep reading to explore a few cutting-edge solutions that are changing how companies operate by enhancing productivity, collaboration, and customer experiences.

Enjoy Superior Whole-Home Audio with Sonance


Check Out the Latest Visual Experience Speaker Series

Since its founding in the early 80s, Sonance has maintained an unmatched reputation in the world of speakers. The brand is well-known for its commitment to hidden audio solutions, from the award-winning Sonance Invisible Series to its bezel-less Architectural Series. With the release of the Visual Experience Series, the brand has now achieved an even higher echelon of high-fidelity listening.

Incorporating Sonance speakers is an exciting option for our clients throughout Western New York who desire a whole-home audio system that complements their decor while maintaining auditory integrity. 

Read along below to learn more about the VX Series and why the Sound & Theater team readily relies on Sonance speakers for our new construction and remodeling projects.

The Newest Smart Home Tech For Custom Homes

The Newest Smart Home Tech For Custom Homes

What Architects & Builders Need To Know

About our Guest Blogger: Kevin Roach is Director of Luxury Home Solutions for Bravas

Well, now a decade later, those days are gone. Today’s smart homes are integrating cutting-edge technology directly into their architectural framework, creating spaces that are not only luxurious and convenient but also adaptive and intelligent. This integration extends beyond just the home’s construction, encompassing the entire home ownership experience and functionality. Smart systems are designed to work seamlessly with each other, enhancing daily living by providing intuitive control and automation that cater to the homeowner's lifestyle. Throughout these last few years, smart home automation technology has continued to evolve to enhance the human experience and in the realm of high-end custom homes, the integration of smart home technology is not just a luxury—it’s an evolution in living. 

Here’s Why Your Conference Room Needs a Redesign

five people sit at conference table looking at a large display with online meeting participants.

Stay on Top of Workforce Needs with Updated Meeting Spaces

A well-equipped conference room makes all the difference. Of course, chairs and tables should be comfortable, but the technology should also be up-to-date and encourage collaboration, especially with the shift to a hybrid workforce in recent years.

Efficient communication and collaboration require interoperability with many platforms, like Google Meet or Zoom, all housed in a single intuitive space for employees, but it can be challenging to plan for all the potential meeting scenarios. 

An optimized conference room design ensures your company in Grand Island, Buffalo, or beyond can have seamless, stress-free meeting experiences. Keep reading to learn more.