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A Seamless Whole-Home Audio Experience Awaits!

pool table in the far area of a living room. French doors lead to the patio space outside.

Integrating Your Audio System with Other Smart Home Devices

Integrating your whole-home audio system with other smart home devices has become a must-have feature of modern living. This seamless connectivity allows homeowners to control their audio experience with voice commands, automate playback based on their routines, and create a truly personalized listening environment no matter which room they’re located in.

From Williamsville to Orchard Park and beyond, the Sound & Theater team is here for you every step of the way. Discover what’s possible below—keep reading!

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How Sonos Is Changing the Game with the Sonos Amp


And What it Means for Your Home Audio Video System… 

If you’re a fan of home audio video, you’re probably familiar with Sonos – one of the top manufacturers of wireless audio gear in the world.

In fact, Sonos’ ubiquity has been a driving force in the cultural adoption of “smart” technology. It’s a system that works well enough on its own but can also integrate with high-end smart home systems like Control4.

But some homeowners have avoided the switch to wireless audio, unwilling to replace their performance speakers with Sonos’ Play series of bookshelf units.

Now the company is looking to change that with the release of the Sonos Amp, designed to connect your existing speakers to a Sonos ecosystem. Here, we’ve got the latest news on what that means for your property in the Amherst, New York area. Just keep reading for more.

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Make the Most of Your Home Audio Video This Holiday Season


Consider These Upgrades to Your Home Entertainment Systems 

The year is just beginning to wind down. The air is getting chilly, the Buffalo Bills are on the gridiron and you’re probably already planning your next big family gathering.

From the meals to the gifts and all of the quality time you get to spend with each other, you’re going to need something that connects the dots. Entertainment that everyone can enjoy may be just the trick.

Of course, that might mean you need to upgrade your home audio video system. In this blog, we’ll show you smart reasons to start enhancing your system now to get the most out of the holiday season.

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4 Ways to Use Your Home Audio System for Custom Listening


Play Audio Throughout Your Home from a Variety of Sources 

Technology innovations today have taken the joy of listening to music in your home to new heights, especially with the streaming revolution. But if you still have love for old-school audio sources like CD players and turntables, don’t fret. You can also connect those sources to your home audio system for timeless listening.

Ready to revolutionize how you play audio throughout your Buffalo, NY home? Keep reading to learn about four sources from which you can play music, podcasts, and more on your home audio system.

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