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Enjoy Superior Whole-Home Audio with Sonance


Check Out the Latest Visual Experience Speaker Series

Since its founding in the early 80s, Sonance has maintained an unmatched reputation in the world of speakers. The brand is well-known for its commitment to hidden audio solutions, from the award-winning Sonance Invisible Series to its bezel-less Architectural Series. With the release of the Visual Experience Series, the brand has now achieved an even higher echelon of high-fidelity listening.

Incorporating Sonance speakers is an exciting option for our clients throughout Western New York who desire a whole-home audio system that complements their decor while maintaining auditory integrity. 

Read along below to learn more about the VX Series and why the Sound & Theater team readily relies on Sonance speakers for our new construction and remodeling projects.

The Newest Smart Home Tech For Custom Homes

The Newest Smart Home Tech For Custom Homes

What Architects & Builders Need To Know

About our Guest Blogger: Kevin Roach is Director of Luxury Home Solutions for Bravas

Well, now a decade later, those days are gone. Today’s smart homes are integrating cutting-edge technology directly into their architectural framework, creating spaces that are not only luxurious and convenient but also adaptive and intelligent. This integration extends beyond just the home’s construction, encompassing the entire home ownership experience and functionality. Smart systems are designed to work seamlessly with each other, enhancing daily living by providing intuitive control and automation that cater to the homeowner's lifestyle. Throughout these last few years, smart home automation technology has continued to evolve to enhance the human experience and in the realm of high-end custom homes, the integration of smart home technology is not just a luxury—it’s an evolution in living. 

Is Your ISP or the Wi-Fi the Problem?


Optimize Home Network Performance with Professional Installation

Relying on the equipment provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) often falls short when it comes to ensuring seamless connectivity in your technology-rich home. Whether you live in Chautauqua, Niagara-on-the-Lake, or anywhere in between, understanding the limitations of ISP-supplied routers and modems and the difference between home network concerns and ISP issues is crucial for homeowners seeking premium performance. 

Here's why professional home networking installations are essential for a robust connectivity foundation in your home.

Outdoor Entertainment as Hot as the Summer Temperatures

outdoor entertainment area under a covered porch. A grill, TV, and seating are in the background.

Change How You Enjoy the Sunshine with Outdoor TVs from Sound & Theater

Transforming backyard spaces into an exciting entertainment oasis is a popular trend this time of year. With property-spanning sound coverage and robust outdoor 4K TVs designed to withstand the elements, you can enjoy your favorite shows and sports under the open sky. But what makes an outdoor TV suitable for your home, and how do you choose the right one? 

Here's everything you need to know about selecting an outdoor TV for your patio and poolside entertaining areas.

Why Sonance for Outdoor Speaker Systems?


Optimize Open-Air Entertainment in Western New York with Sound & Theater

Whether watching TV, gardening, or reading by the pool, spending time outdoors is always better with a great soundtrack. As we embrace the warmer weather, we’re all heading outside with our friends and families. 

The right outdoor speaker system featuring Sonance can transform your backyard spaces into enchanting retreats. Understanding the nuances of selecting and maintaining an outdoor speaker system that withstands the local weather conditions is crucial. 

Below, you’ll find what homeowners from Williamsville to Niagara Falls and everywhere in between should know to ensure their speaker setups are ready to break out of hibernation and enjoy some fun in the sun!

The Top 5 Essentials of Landscape Lighting Design


Illuminate the Beauty of Your Backyard in Western New York

Transforming your outdoor space into a magical nightscape isn't just about adding a few lights here and there. It's an art that combines functionality, aesthetics, and technology to create an atmosphere that enhances your home's architecture and the natural beauty of your property. 

Here are the top five things you need to know about landscape lighting design and smart control, plus how working with the professionals at Sound & Theater can elevate your outdoor living spaces.

Elevate Your Networking Solutions with NETGEAR

three NETGEAR Nighthawk products on a table in a living room setting

Explore Sound & Theater’s Preferred Choice for Seamless Connectivity

The era of smart homes and high-speed internet is here. Now, more than ever, a robust and reliable home network is essential. Whether you love to stream your favorite shows in ultra-high definition or want your work-from-home setup to operate without hiccups, premium home networking solutions keep you connected when and where it matters most.

Because networks hold such high importance for households across Western New York and beyond, Sound & Theater relies heavily on NETGEAR products. Each component offers a blend of reliability, performance, and ease of use that makes the brand a go-to choice. Keep reading to discover why NETGEAR is such a popular choice for smart homes.

Revamp Your Sports Bar with a Commercial AV Installation


Bars & Restaurants Soar with Media Control and Stellar Audio/Video

Sports bars are perfect for grabbing a drink or noshing on a yummy meal. They’re more than places to eat and imbibe, though. They are lively communal hubs where fans can gather to cheer on their favorite teams while a new couple can learn more about one another, all in the same place! No matter the activity, patrons come to establishments like this to let their guard down and enjoy themselves.

A commercial AV installation is ideal for bars and restaurants looking to elevate the ambiance, craft unforgettable nights out for their patrons, and improve employee morale and business operations. 

Keep reading to learn what’s possible.

Legrand Motorized Shades Blend Elegance and Efficiency

kitchen bar overlooking floor to ceiling windows with legrand roller shades

Elevate Your Home with the Most Innovative Residential Shades

From Clarence to Ellicottville, New Yorkers are increasingly looking for ways to blend convenience with luxury. There’s no better way to incorporate smart home functionality into your living spaces than with automated window treatments.

Who knew there were so many decisions to make regarding window coverings? Here are just a few options to consider:

  • Open-roll or a fascia covering
  • Bold patterns or prints
  • Room darkening or light filtering

And the list goes on! 

Below, we spotlight how partnering with a Legrand motorized shades dealer can help you make these selections. It’s a game-changer in home automation and comfort. Keep reading!


20 Essential Facts Every Home Theater Enthusiast Should Know

home theater space with leather chairs. Superhero movie is showing on large projection screen.

Ramp Up the Entertainment Possibilities with Sound & Theater’s Expertise

Transforming your movie-watching experiences with a home theater system can bring the magic of cinema right into your living room. From immersive sound setups to the perfect flooring, here are 20 essential facts every home cinema enthusiast should know, so keep reading!

Revolutionize Movie Night with Customized Home Theater Design

black home theater control keypad with six buttons labelled On, Entertain, Movie, Kids, DVR, Netflix

Smart Technology Integration Makes for the Ultimate Entertainment Experience

If you’ve been seeking the pinnacle of entertainment but want to stay in your cozy home, it’s time to envision a sanctuary where cutting-edge technology meets unparalleled comfort. For homeowners in Clarence to Ellicottville and everywhere in between, it’s possible with the right AV solutions and innovative technology integration.

Imagine a space where the latest 4K displays offer visual excellence while an immersive surround sound system brings the magic of cinematic scores all around you—and it’s all happening right in your home! Add the convenience of smart home technology to allow for seamless control of lighting, temperature, and media with just a touch or a voice command, and this space becomes so much more than just a media room; it’s the ultimate entertainment spot fit for the entire family. 

Keep reading to learn more about the experience of having a smart home theater designed specifically for you and your viewing preferences.

5 Key Trends in AV Installation for Modern Businesses

A woman using an interactive display on the street.

Is Your Business Already Incorporating These Cutting-Edge Technologies?

No matter the kind of industry you serve here in New York, integrating innovative technologies that foster communication, collaboration, and heightened productivity is crucial to keep your business thriving. Professional AV installations create an immersive environment that transcends traditional communication barriers. Whether it's virtual meetings, presentations, or collaborative projects, the integration of the latest audiovisual technologies ensures a heightened level of engagement and understanding among your team and customers.

Are you interested in paving the way for a more interconnected and productive workspace? Keep reading to discover the latest technology trends and find out how they can help you boost your business, whether it’s in Buffalo, Ellicottville, or anywhere in between!

Why Should I Secure My Home Network?

woman working on a laptop behind a closeup shot of a Luxul router

Protect Your Digital Credentials with a Home Network Installation

As we all increasingly rely on connected devices for both work and leisure, the need for robust, secure networking has never been more pressing for homeowners in Western New York. This is why a professional home network installation is essential! 

Keep reading below to learn how the team at Sound & Theater can help you protect your personal data with enterprise-grade networking solutions.

Lighting Specialists Bring Joy this Holiday Season

Man and woman working together to put a pot into the oven of a luxury kitchen

Let Sound & Theater Illuminate the Possibilities of Better Lighting

As the leaves in Buffalo and the rest of Western New York transition from vibrant greens to the rich hues of autumn, the air carries the crisp promise of winter. It’s now time to reflect on what to be grateful for, showing gratitude for the togetherness the fall and winter holiday season brings. 

As a lighting specialist, Sound & Theater is here to help you enhance your home's ambiance, transforming it into a haven of warmth and festive cheer no matter what type of occasion you’re celebrating. Keep reading to learn more.

Motorized Window Treatments Add Winter Warmth

 QMotion cellular shades on a window in a dining room. Table with four chairs in the foreground.

With a Touch of a Button, Homeowners Can Keep the Cold Out with Shading Solutions!

The biting cold of winter is right around the corner. As snow blankets the streets and temperatures plummet, we’re all on a constant quest to keep warm while maintaining the beautiful and inviting interior spaces we’ve so painstakingly curated. And with motorized window treatments, New Yorkers have the perfect smart home solution at their disposal! They’re a modern innovation that elevates a home's aesthetics and warmth when it matters most. Keep reading to learn more.

7 Common Audio Mistakes You Should Avoid In Your Restaurant

A busy casual restaurant with picturesque lighting pendants.

Make the most of your restaurant sound system by solving these common issues! 

Every detail counts to make or break your customer’s experience when you have a restaurant. From the menu selection to the decor, each element plays a crucial role in crafting an exceptional dining experience. One often overlooked yet integral aspect is the restaurant sound system. 

The proper audio setup can enhance the ambiance, facilitate smooth communication, and elevate the overall enjoyment of patrons. However, several common mistakes can hinder the effectiveness of your audio technologies, deterring you from providing the very best service to your guests.

In this blog, we'll dive into these pitfalls and explore how a professional can help you solve them. Keep reading to find out!

A Seamless Whole-Home Audio Experience Awaits!

pool table in the far area of a living room. French doors lead to the patio space outside.

Integrating Your Audio System with Other Smart Home Devices

Integrating your whole-home audio system with other smart home devices has become a must-have feature of modern living. This seamless connectivity allows homeowners to control their audio experience with voice commands, automate playback based on their routines, and create a truly personalized listening environment no matter which room they’re located in.

From Williamsville to Orchard Park and beyond, the Sound & Theater team is here for you every step of the way. Discover what’s possible below—keep reading!

3 Things You Should Add to Your Home Theater Remodel

A luxury home theater with a Sony projector.

Bring modernity to your home theater and elevate your entertainment experience!

When was the last time you upgraded your home theater? In a world where the line between cinematic experiences and home entertainment blurs, your home theater is your personal gateway to the world of expansive viewing. Whether it's the latest blockbusters, streaming series, or classic films, your home theater can deliver it all. However, to ensure your cinematic escape remains up-to-date with the latest entertainment technology, a home theater remodel is essential.

In this blog, we'll explore three must-have modern technologies that you should consider adding to your home theater during your next remodel. Take a look to discover how to enhance your experience in all of Western New York, from Buffalo to Ellicottville.


living room with plush seating facing a fireplace with a smart home platform on the TV above it


In the age of Alexa and Siri, the dream of living in a "smart home" isn't a sci-fi fantasy anymore—it's reality. But as with all great innovations, there's a catch: choosing the right smart home contractor to work with for your project. 

From Clarence to Hamburg and beyond, we’re here for our clients. Unfortunately, we’ve seen a few DIY disasters in our extensive time in the industry. Below, we dive into common pitfalls homeowners experience and how to sidestep them. Keep reading!

Audiovisual Installations: The Right Fit for Any Kind of Business

A group of people watch a soccer game in a bar’s video wall.

Whether You Have a Restaurant, an Office, or a Healthcare Facility, Elevate Your Spaces with Our Solutions!

In the competitive business world, creating captivating and immersive environments is vital for success. No matter what your line of business is, integrating audiovisual installations into your commercial spaces is a powerful tool to captivate your customer and promote collaboration among your staff. From retail to hospitality to education and beyond, AV solutions are transforming the way businesses operate and engage with their customers in Buffalo, Niagara Falls, or anywhere else in the Western New York area. 

In this blog, we will delve into the unique benefits audiovisual installations can bring to different industries. Keep reading to learn more!