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A Seamless Whole-Home Audio Experience Awaits!

pool table in the far area of a living room. French doors lead to the patio space outside.

Integrating Your Audio System with Other Smart Home Devices

Integrating your whole-home audio system with other smart home devices has become a must-have feature of modern living. This seamless connectivity allows homeowners to control their audio experience with voice commands, automate playback based on their routines, and create a truly personalized listening environment no matter which room they’re located in.

From Williamsville to Orchard Park and beyond, the Sound & Theater team is here for you every step of the way. Discover what’s possible below—keep reading!

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Upgrade Your Business with Audio Video Distribution


Improve the Atmosphere in your New York Business with These Solutions 

We’ve previously discussed several of the perks commercial automation can bring to your business’ conference rooms, such as improved meeting efficiency, lower energy costs, and improved employee collaboration.

Another innovative technology solution that you can bring to your Buffalo, NY business is audio video distribution. Whether you’re in a traditional office setting, a restaurant, or a retail store, audio video distribution makes it possible to share information effectively and create a better ambiance for customers and staff. Keep reading to learn how!

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