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Dispelling 4 Myths About High-Performance Audio

Mention the term high-performance audio to different people, and it might mean several different things. Audio is a topic that tends to be full of commonly accepted myths as well. Let's dispel one of them right away - you don't necessarily have to spend heaps of money to get high-quality sound. However, should you want the best of the best, the opportunity is there to spend significant sums – but the decision is yours based on your goals.

If you´re looking to elevate your sound quality in Amherst, NY, read the Q & A below to get better educated about your high-performance audio options.

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Do I need big speakers for high-performance audio?

The simple answer is no. But people’s ideas about what constitutes a large speaker are going to be different. High-performance audio does not depend on large speakers. Smaller bookshelf speakers from hi-fi manufacturers offer excellent performance. If you want more bass, you can still have smaller speakers and add a subwoofer. If you don't want to have speakers showing in your room, you can opt for built-in models in walls and ceilings – and subwoofers too. There are going to be some tradeoffs based on your priorities, but it is entirely possible to build a high-performance audio system with varying types of speakers to suit your needs.

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