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How Home Lighting Control Saves You Energy


Smart lighting with Control4 offers a variety of benefits to your family, from convenient control from one centralized location to automated schedules that complement your family's lifestyle. One lesser-known benefit to home lighting control is that it cuts down on your energy bill. Save money and contribute to environmental protection by installing a smart lighting system into your Buffalo, NY home. Read our latest blog to learn three ways that home lighting control saves you energy and cuts down on your electricity bill.

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3 Essential Benefits of Home Lighting Control

One of the best decisions you can make when upgrading your property with smart automation is investing in a home lighting control solution. Lights don’t just help you see; they add style, security and savings to every area of your home. With a system intelligently integrated to offer one-touch controls of individual fixtures, multiple units and even entire rooms, you can take advantage of the technology to improve and simplify the way you interact with them. In this blog, we’ll explore three essential benefits of smart lighting. Read on for more.


Benefit 1: Beauty

The fact that the right lighting can make your home more beautiful shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all, without lights, you couldn’t even see your décor. But smart lighting takes beautifying your property to a whole new level, thanks to enhanced options and simplified controls.

With integrated control, you can easily create a lighting scheme that highlights exactly the areas of a room that you want to show off. Raise the lights in one area, dim them in another, and you can draw occupants’ eyes exactly where you want them. You can also enjoy control over the tone and temperature of each fixture, allowing for softer and harsher lights where necessary. And when you’ve selected the perfect setting, save it as a scene and return to it instantly whenever you want.

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