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Motorized Window Treatments Add Winter Warmth

 QMotion cellular shades on a window in a dining room. Table with four chairs in the foreground.

With a Touch of a Button, Homeowners Can Keep the Cold Out with Shading Solutions!

The biting cold of winter is right around the corner. As snow blankets the streets and temperatures plummet, we’re all on a constant quest to keep warm while maintaining the beautiful and inviting interior spaces we’ve so painstakingly curated. And with motorized window treatments, New Yorkers have the perfect smart home solution at their disposal! They’re a modern innovation that elevates a home's aesthetics and warmth when it matters most. Keep reading to learn more.

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QMotion Motorized Window Treatments Add Style And Comfort To Your Home


Discover how automated shades will enhance your New York area home 

Imagine being able to close every shade in your home with just the tap of a button. Automated window treatments bring the convenience of one-touch control into your home. Never again wrestle with a cord to adjust your shades or run from room to room to close your blinds before leaving for work. QMotion shades make it easy for you to make adjustments precisely. Keep reading to learn four reasons that you should invest in QMotion motorized window treatments for your home, whether you’re located in Buffalo or Ellicottville, NY.  

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