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QMotion Motorized Window Treatments Add Style And Comfort To Your Home


Discover how automated shades will enhance your New York area home 

Imagine being able to close every shade in your home with just the tap of a button. Automated window treatments bring the convenience of one-touch control into your home. Never again wrestle with a cord to adjust your shades or run from room to room to close your blinds before leaving for work. QMotion shades make it easy for you to make adjustments precisely. Keep reading to learn four reasons that you should invest in QMotion motorized window treatments for your home, whether you’re located in Buffalo or Ellicottville, NY.  



Convenient Control 

With just the tap of a remote, smartphone, or tablet, you can close every shade in your house. Choose from honeycomb shades, roller shades, and motorized drapery to protect your home. Combine your shades with a home automation system from Control4 to further simplify this process. Program your shades to open and close on a set schedule, when your home reaches a specific temperature or when the sun rises and sets. If you want to adjust your shades the old-fashioned way, QMotion shades have an exclusive manual override that allows you to control them by hand. 

Reduce Solar Heat Gain 

Reports from the Department of Energy reveal that 76% of the sunlight that enters through your windows becomes heat, making it more difficult to cool off your home in the summertime. Experts recommend investing in drapes and shades to block out the light when needed to keep this heat out of your home. QMotion motorized window treatments make this process simple.  

Protect Your Furniture 

Did you know that sunlight can damage your décor, furniture, and flooring? UV rays can cause critical features of your home to become discolored and faded, even if the sun isn't out. QMotion utilizes an openness factor to determine how transparent your window treatments will be and how many UV rays will affect your home. QMotion shades range from an openness factor of 1% to 10%, meaning that they will keep 99% to 90% of UV light out of your space. 

Add Style To Your Space 

Don’t sacrifice the interior design of your home for the sake of convenience. QMotion shades integrate seamlessly with the aesthetic of your home, bringing the best of both worlds. Select from a wide variety of fabric options for your drapes and shades. Drapery rods and finials come in six different styles to further the personalization of your window treatmentsFully customize your shades to fit your unique style and enjoy the convenience of one-touch control. 

We proudly serve New York residences from Buffalo to Ellicottville! Reach out by giving us a call or filling out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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