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Customize Your Home Theater Experience With Top-Notch Design


Get a Professionally Designed Home Theater To Fit Your Style

No matter what time of year it is, almost everyone enjoys relaxing while watching their favorite film or listening to their favorite music. Dens and living rooms become central hubs where we gather to unwind, loosen up, and reconnect with family and friends over shared playlists and on-going TV shows. This space is especially important for audiophiles and cinephiles. And when something like this is so essential in your home, you need a unique space so you can enjoy it fully. Whether you live in Amherst or Hamburg, NY, you can have a professional home theater design customized just for you and your home.

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Quality Acoustics Means Better Sound

Whether you are listening to your favorite recorded concert or watching a blockbuster hit, sound plays a critical role. The first consideration should always be acoustics because no matter how good your audio system is, outside noise can interfere with your experience. Our professional designers consider this and design an acoustically separated space so that you have the same type of sound quality you do when you go to the cinema. We install high-quality audio systems to place speakers and equipment in the perfect location for the best quality sound and use acoustic treatments and soundproofing to balance the sound quality in the room. Revel in the crispness and clarity of every soundtrack, monologue and thriller action scene in an acoustically treated room.

Find the Perfect Screen for a Crisp Picture

Becoming immersed in the cinematic experience is one of life's simple pleasures. Whether it's a laugh-out-loud comedy or serious documentary, we all want that experience of losing ourselves in the story for two hours. To do that effectively, you must have picture quality that makes you feel like you are part of the experience. 4K and now 8K TVs have a high level of resolution that make this possible, and a designer can find one that perfectly fits your home theater design. Or we can install a floor-to-ceiling projector screen to recreate the authentic cinema experience. And with a professionally installed system integrated with home automation, you can control it all from your comfy theater seating.

The Perfect Ambience With Lighting Controls

So you have the perfect video and audio system, and your home theater is sound engineered to produce the ideal acoustic quality. Now all you need is the perfect lighting. Wouldn't it be great to have a home theater that you walk into and experience the exact lighting you do when you go to the movies? Overhead lighting so you can find your seats without spilling your popcorn, then recessed or mounted wall lighting and floor lighting so you can find your way to the bathroom mid-film. Our professional designers can set up the lighting system that works best for your home theater, and best of all, you can adjust it to your comfort from the palm of your hand with automated lighting controls. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the movie in style.

Personalize your theater experience with a home theater design from Sound & Theater. Call today at 716-632-2790 or chat online with one of our design experts.

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