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20 Essential Facts Every Home Theater Enthusiast Should Know

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Ramp Up the Entertainment Possibilities with Sound & Theater’s Expertise

Transforming your movie-watching experiences with a home theater system can bring the magic of cinema right into your living room. From immersive sound setups to the perfect flooring, here are 20 essential facts every home cinema enthusiast should know, so keep reading!

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  • Surround Sound is Key

A truly cinematic experience requires a surround sound system, with speakers placed in front, beside, behind, and above for immersive audio.

  • Flooring Matters

Carpet is the recommended flooring for home theaters because it provides a soft, plush feel and improves room acoustics.

  • 3D Sound

Incorporating Auro-3D, Dolby Atmos, DTS:X Pro, and IMAX Enhanced three-dimensional audio creates auditory experiences that come from every direction. StormAudio products make you feel part of the action.

  • Understand Speaker Configurations

Surround sound systems are described by numbers like 5.1 or 7.1.2, indicating the number of speakers, subwoofers, and, if applicable, Dolby Atmos speakers.

  • Center Channel Is Crucial

The center channel speaker anchors the dialogue and front-stage sounds, usually placed below or behind the screen.

  • Subwoofers for Bass

Subwoofers handle deep bass frequencies, adding depth to your audio. The cheers of a roaring crowd, whether in a movie or a sports game, can be felt and not just heard.

  • Overhead Speakers for Atmos

In Dolby Atmos setups, overhead speakers mounted on the ceiling add a vertical dimension to sound that places you in the middle of the action.

  • Speaker Placement Matters

Proper placement of each speaker is crucial for optimal sound distribution and a realistic audio experience. Add in professional room calibration and technologies like StormAudio’s Dirac Live Active Room Treatment that optimizes sound for your room's unique acoustics, ensuring unparalleled audio quality.

  • Acoustically Transparent Screens

Maximize space and reduce visual clutter with in-wall speakers installed behind an acoustically transparent projection screen.

  •  Room Size Influences Setup

The size and shape of your room will dictate the best speaker arrangement and system configuration. Working with a home theater system expert is the best route to perfect entertainment experiences because they’ll consider every detail.

  •  Seating Affects Sound

The layout and type of seating can impact how sound waves travel and are experienced by viewers. 

  •  Lighting Sets the Mood

Smart lighting can enhance the viewing, with automated dimming and color adjustments happening once you press Play or Pause. Pathway lights can illuminate the path to the kitchen for a safe popcorn refill, too.

  •  Visuals Are Half the Experience

Invest in a high-quality projector and screen or ultra-high-definition TV display for crisp, lifelike images. Bold colors, deep dark blacks, and ample processing power can make or break media enjoyment.

  •  Smart Home Integration

For seamless audio, video, lighting, and climate control, integrate your home theater with your automation system. One tap can manage the entire space!

  •  Budget Wisely

More expensive systems often offer more features and higher-quality sound, but great experiences can be had at various price points. The AV experts at Sound & Theater will assess your space, needs, and budget to design your dream space!

  •  Consider Aesthetics

Your home theater should not only sound good but also fit well with your home's decor. Want a vintage vibe or a futuristic film haven? We’ll help make it a reality!

  •  Future-Proof Your Setup

Choose components that can be easily upgraded or integrated with new technologies. Incorporate the latest networking and AV options to give your media room the best chance of long-term enjoyment without becoming outdated too soon.

  •  Professional Installation Recommended

Having an expert handle the design, installation, and service for complex setups removes the headache and frustration that DIY enthusiasts often face.

  •  Regular Maintenance Is Key

Keep your system in top condition with regular cleaning, software updates, and system maintenance.

  •  Personalize Your Experience

Ultimately, the best home theater system is one that meets your personal preferences and needs. Depending on the type of content you enjoy or the level of immersion you desire, a customized entertainment setup awaits!


From casual viewers to cinephiles, we hope these facts will help you prepare for a home theater system that truly stands out. Ready to change the way you entertain? Whether you’re in Buffalo or Niagra Falls, Sound & Theater will design the ultimate space for you. Contact us here to get started!

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