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The Benefits of Landscape Lighting

Outdoor stair lights and porch lights.


If you're looking to optimize your home and boost its curb appeal, it may be worth considering a new landscape lighting system. Not only will it add an aesthetically pleasing touch to your property, but it can also provide plenty of benefits when integrated with other technology systems. And if you live anywhere from Buffalo, NY, to East Aurora, NY, who better than Sound & Theater to install and integrate it for you?

Thanks to our partnerships with leading automation brands like Control4, we can offer you a top-of-the-line landscape lighting system, seamlessly integrate it with the rest of your smart home, and automate it for the ultimate performance. 

Read on to learn more about the many benefits of installing a landscape lighting system.

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Protect Your Home With Outdoor Lighting


Home exterior and landscape lighting provide an added level of security to your home in New York

Stunning outdoor lighting illuminates your property, highlights critical aspects of your home's architecture, and creates the perfect atmosphere for any occasion. But an outdoor lighting system does so much more than beautify your home. Proper lighting will add an extra layer of security and deter any potential criminals. Keep reading to learn how exterior lighting and landscape lighting will protect your home in the Buffalo to Clarence, NY area.

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How Landscape Lighting Will Improve Your Time Outdoors


Now that most of us are cooped up inside all the time, we find that we want to spend as much time outdoors as possible. And it’s no wonder. Research shows that spending more time outside improves mental clarity, reduces stress and anxiety, and boosts your immune system.

With summer just around the corner a lot of us want to be able to hit the backyard in the evening and do some grilling for ourselves and loved ones. And nowadays with the kids at home all day, the time they spend outside goes on well into the evening.

Landscape lighting systems designed by our team in Buffalo, NY, set and controlled through the device of your choice, offer you and your kids the opportunity to safely enjoy an evening on the porch or in the backyard.

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