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Commercial Technology Solutions: Elevating Your Business

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Thinking Ahead to the Future After Attending InfoComm 2023

With InfoComm, the largest North American audiovisual trade show, in our rearview mirror, we’ve taken some time to reflect on what we saw, what we learned, and how we see these innovative new technologies transforming businesses in the future.

One topic that came up quite a bit was that of commercial technology solutions. Keep reading to discover a few insights we’ve gained regarding meeting spaces and digital signage and how you can use this information to elevate your operations in the Buffalo, NY, region.

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2 Smart Building Technologies Your Commercial Space Needs


Smart technology solutions can help you improve comfort, productivity, and energy savings in the office

What’s everyone’s favorite saying in the corporate industry? Work smarter, not harder. That’s the fundamental concept behind smart building technology, which uses automated processes, sophisticated software, and centralized control to manage essential operational systems more efficiently and effectively.

Smart building technology has the potential to make office buildings and other commercial spaces more comfortable, productive, and energy-efficient. Are you intrigued? Then keep reading to learn two technologies that could improve your commercial spaces in Buffalo, Orchard Park, Amherst, or elsewhere in Western New York. 

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Here Are The Energy-Saving Features of Conference Room Automation


Lower Your Office’s Energy-Consumption Rates In Time for the Summer 

At Sound & Theater, we continually are working with local businesses here in Buffalo and all of Western New York to improve their office operations through technology.

One of the best ways to achieve that is through a customized automation solution.

With all of your technologies integrated into one system, you experience a variety of benefits – including added convenience as you control several devices from one easy-to-maneuver interface.

Another crucial benefit of a custom technology solution is increased energy-efficiency, especially within an integrated boardroom solution.

Below, we explore the technologies in our custom conference room automation solutions that can help your business lower its energy consumption – just in time for the summer.

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