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5 Technologies to Choose in a Home Theater Installation

Home theater with cushioned seating and a motorized projection screen in the lowered position

Experience True Cinema With AV Equipment from Leading Brands 

A home theater can bring the magic of the cinemas right to your New York home. You’ll get stunning visuals and immersive audio that draws you into the entertainment. But for a truly cinematic experience, you need more than a large display and an audio system. 

Many components are needed for a premium home theater installation, whether you’re in Buffalo, Hamburg, or Ellicottville. Keep reading to learn more about all the technology that goes into creating a top-tier custom theater.

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1. Display

One of the primary considerations for home theaters is the display. You’ll want a crisp 4K or 8K screen that makes colors pop. Every scene detail is highlighted with stark contrast, bold blacks, and vibrant colors. Ultra HD large-screen TVs from Sony are one option. Or for a truly cinematic experience, a projector from Epson or Sony paired with an ambient light-rejecting projector screen from Screen Excellence will transport you into a life-sized new world perfectly curated by a movie director. 

2. Audio

Surround sound is another consideration for home theater spaces. High-performance audio system brands deliver high-fidelity sound that envelops viewers in the action of a fast-paced car chase scene or moves you with a heart-wrenching soundtrack. Whether it’s covert in-wall and in-ceiling architectural speakers from Sonance or discreet in-wall solutions from James Loudspeaker, our AV specialists will find the perfect fit for your entertainment room’s needs. Expertly installed and calibrated, your speaker system can make or break the at-home movie, sports, or TV show viewing experience.

3. Receiver

The source, whether a Blu-ray player or cable box, doesn't connect directly into the display and speakers. First, it needs to go through an AV receiver. The source will send audio and video signals to the receiver in a discreet AV rack, typically hidden in a closet and out of sight. Our AV team ensures cable boxes and other media components’ signals are distributed electronically to your viewing space, programming sources to work within a single intuitive control interface.

4. Source

Now that you have the display and speakers, you’ll need to find something to watch! There’s no limit to the possibilities, ranging from a premium Blu-ray player from Sony to the Kaleidescape digital media server to streaming platforms like Netflix and HBO Max. 

5. Automation Platform

Finally, you’ll need a system to pull it all together. By incorporating an automation platform, like Control4, you’ll easily be able to control all of the smart devices within your theater space. You can fire up your favorite movie, adjust the volume, and even dim the lights for the perfect movie atmosphere. You’ll be in control of everything to create the ideal movie atmosphere.

Are you considering a home theater installation in your Western New York home? Contact Sound & Theater today! We are partners with many top brands in AV and can create a custom theater experience that beats out the local cineplex every time!

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