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What Features Make the Best Outdoor Speakers?

A Sonance landscape speaker is hidden in grass and wildflowers.

The Sonance Outdoor Speaker System Is a Flexible Option for Any Backyard

Spring is around the corner, and homeowners are beginning to plan how to revitalize their backyard entertainment areas this year. As you consider options, you may wonder what features make a high-quality outdoor speaker. Whether aiming to create loud, enjoyable, fun, or flexible and relaxing spaces for family and friends to gather, we can help you find the right outdoor speaker system for your home, whether in Williamsville, NY, or Orchard Park, NY.

Continue reading for a description of features that any homeowner should consider when researching speakers. 

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Made for Outdoors

The first consideration is probably the most important—only install speakers made specifically for outdoor use in outdoor areas. Systems like the Sonance Landscape Series were made for the outdoors. The outdoor rating means the speakers were constructed considering the impact of weather or natural elements on their lasting durability. Heat, cold, rain, sand, dust, UV rays, etc., were all considered in the design of outdoor speaker systems.

Speaker Setup

Not all outdoor systems make it easy to scale your speakers, adding more as you desire. The Sonance Landscaping System, however, makes this easy. The portable design allows you to extend the cable by adding as many additional speakers as possible. In addition, voltage amplifiers help maintain consistent power throughout the speaker system.

Isolated Sound

Homeowners often worry their outdoor speakers will bother the neighbors, but this doesn’t have to be a concern with Sonance. Since each Sonance speaker has a triple-sealed speaker enclosure that helps to isolate the sound and direct it only where you want it to go, you can place speakers and point them exactly where you want the sound to travel without worry.

Clear Sound at Any Volume

Whether entertaining a garden party with quiet background music or a playful pool party with loud, thumping bass, the Sonance Landscape Series delivers high-quality sound that rivals indoor hi-fi systems. 

Various Mounting Options

If you’d prefer the outdoor speaker system to be unnoticeable to the eye, Sonance has design options to help you achieve this look. You will have the option to mount speakers using ground stakes or surface mounts. Feel free to hide speakers in gardens, trees, shrubs, or other landscaping elements. There is even the option to bury subwoofers in the ground and deliver a secret bassy punch you wouldn’t expect when listening to music outside.


The Sound and Theater team would love to consult with you on an outdoor speaker system for your backyard entertainment fun. Please contact us on our website to schedule a consultation or to receive a custom quote. The sounds of spring are right around the corner, so now’s the time to prepare your Williamsville, NY, or Orchard Park, NY, home.

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