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Take Your Home Theater to the Next Level With Custom Upgrades


With many movie theaters still closed in Buffalo, NY, and the surrounding areas, there’s never been a better time to invest in a custom home theater. If you already have a dedicated theater in your home, why not add upgraded solutions that will make your space more comfortable and luxurious, and enhance the movie-watching experience?

There’s more to a home theater than amazing audio and video (although that’s DEFINITELY important). Keep reading to learn 3 ways to improve your home cinema and get the most value out of your experience!

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Sink Into First-Class Seating

No matter how good the audio, video display, and content is, uncomfortable chairs can ruin the movie-watching experience. Leave the hard, unpadded chairs for the office; home theaters are designed with comfort in mind, including the seating.

At Sound &Theater, we can outfit your cinema room with any theater-style seating you desire: single recliners, sectionals, and sofas, or rows of tiered, stadium-style seating. High-quality home theater seats are richly padded, recline with ease, and have cupholders for your soda and Reese’s Pieces. We can even install ergonomic seats that provide cushy back and neck support.

One of the luxuries of going to the movies is reclining back in a roomy, cushiony theater seat. Bring that luxury home to enhance the comfort and enjoyment for you and your guests in a dedicated theater.   

Invest in Lighting Control

The right lighting is a crucial part of the viewing experience. At Sound & Theater, we recommend upgrading your home theater with several types of smart lighting that you can control with your smartphone, keypad, or universal remote to create nuance and ambiance. You can program overhead lights to dim when a movie starts and brighten slowly when the credits roll. Install soft, unobtrusive strip lighting under seats, in the aisles, and on stairs to help guide guests who need to go to the bathroom during a viewing.

You can also add recessed, in-wall light fixtures with color-changing effects. On Halloween, program your lights to emit an orange glow around the room’s perimeter while you watch scary movies. Are you having a Harry Potter marathon with friends? Set the mood by programming your lights to display your favorite House’s colors — are you Gryffindor or Slytherin?   

Gain Peace of Mind With Monitoring, Maintenance, and Support

Your home theater needs regular care and maintenance to ensure all your equipment is functioning correctly for years to come. At Sound & Theater, our custom home theater installations come with long-term support.

We provide system monitoring for all your smart technology and integrated systems. If you need help, we have representatives available 24/7 for remote assistance. We also offer regular maintenance visits with tuning, system adjustments, and calibration to keep your systems and equipment operating at peak performance.

Your home theater is an investment in your comfort and entertainment at home. Don’t suffer from paying for shoddy repairs from technicians who don’t have experience with integrated systems. Trust someone who has familiarity and expertise with your custom solution.  

Sound & Theater can make all these upgrades and more in your custom home theater in Buffalo, NY. We’re ready to get started when you call us at 716-632-2790, fill out a contact form, or use our live chat feature to speak with a representative.

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