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See the World through a Kaleidescape Movie Player

Kaleidescape movie player in a home theater and title-selection on screen. 

Give Your Smart Home AV System the Gift of Kaleidescape

What movie are you going to watch tonight? You could browse Netflix, rent a movie from Prime, or check out the Disney+ releases, but your options are either limited, or the movies don’t offer the viewing quality you want. Fortunately, at Sound & Theater, we have a solution - one that will take your entertainment thrills to new levels in your home theater. 

A Kaleidescape Movie Player is an essential ingredient in the recipe for a state-of-the-art AV system. It boasts 4K, not-compressed, better than Ultra HD Blu-Ray quality video, Dolby Atmos audio, and offline storage for up to 1500 films without the inconvenience of streaming or connectivity issues. That is industry-leading image quality and lossless audio in one package. What’s there not to like? 

Here is a brief overview of the Kaleidescape products and installation you will need to get your smart home AV system ready for your next movie viewing! 

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The Strato C Movie Player 

The Strato C is Kaleidescape’s leading 4K, Ultra HD movie player. Designed for the ultimate cinematic experience at home, it offers HDR support, lossless multichannel audio, and an on-screen movie store with thousands of titles. And guess what? Unlike Netflix and other streaming services, you can actually purchase a movie, not just the rights to stream it. Throw in partnerships with over 50 major movie studios, and Kaleidescape gives you both a larger selection and significantly better quality than any other platform. 

As a bonus, the Kaleidescape app will turn your smartphone into a customizable controller, or integrate seamlessly with smart interfaces like Control4. But once you have the best movie player available already installed, where are you going to store all those movies? 

The Compact Terra & Terra Servers

Kaleidescape offers several options for storing and managing your film library. Depending on how much of a cinephile you are, we can determine which one will likely work best at your smart home. 

The Compact Terra Movie Server offers 6TB, 12TB, or 22TB storage, which is enough for 100-350 ultra 4K HDR movies, and can download a full movie in as little as 10 minutes. If you feel a larger server would work best for your movie library, the Terra Movie Server comes in 48TB and 88TB configurations and stores up to 1,500 4K films. Besides giving you speed and plenty of storage, the Terra series also allows for simultaneous download and playback and supports up to 5 Strato C players.

Whether you opt for a single Strato C and Terra server or combine multiple Strato C players and Terra servers across your home, all Kaleidescape products give you 100 Mbps and frame rates up to 60 fps without the hassles of streaming. 

So, if you are looking for the best audio and video quality at home, contact us to learn how Kaleidoscape and a professional installation can take you there! 

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