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How Home Lighting Control Can Brighten Your Daily Life

A home with Control4 lighting and wallpad.

Improve Your Home and Lifestyle with Premium Lighting Solutions

Considering all that lighting does—impact our mood, affect home security, and more—it’s no wonder that it’s such a crucial element to every home, vacation or otherwise. However, controlling all the lights in your Ellicottville, NY, property can be challenging. That’s why home lighting control systems are such important technologies; they let you control the entire lighting system with just the touch of a button. Keep reading to learn more about lighting control.

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Improved Well-Being

Human bodies are trained to respond to light, which is why it’s so important to have good lighting for your property. For example, bright lights can help induce productivity and increase energy. Warm, dim lights before bed can help increase melatonin production for a more restful sleep.

With a Control4 lighting system, you can easily adjust your lights throughout the day or let them adjust for you! Automate or manually control them throughout the day with your phone, wall touchpads, or a remote so they’re always how you need them. Plus, they can change to any color on the color wheel for events such as holiday parties, watching the big game, or family gatherings.


Did you know that good lighting can also make your property more secure? Control4 can give you complete control over your landscape lighting, which will illuminate the outside of your home. This can make you feel safer when walking outside at night since you’ll be able to see everything around you. Plus, it makes it much less likely someone will sneak onto your property because it is so well-lit. 

Additionally, lighting automation can protect your home even while you’re away—particularly useful if you’re installing it in a vacation property. Control4 allows you to set your lights on timers, so they’ll turn on and off throughout the day. This is a great benefit whenever you’re away. Homes that look empty are targeted for break-ins, but if your lights are active, it’ll make it appear that someone is home. More likely than not, trespassers won’t want to risk it and move on.

For vacation homes specifically, Control4 offers the “Mockupancy” feature, which goes above and beyond to make your vacation property seem  truly lived in while you’re away. In “Away” mode, Control4 will not only automate your property’s lighting, but also your shades and video entertainment.

Aesthetics and Curb Appeal 

In addition to improving security and well-being, good lighting can elevate the beauty of your home. Your lights will make the colors of your furniture and artwork pop as well as make your home feel more welcoming and comforting. Plus, landscape lighting highlights the exterior beauty, giving it the curb appeal you desire.

Are you ready to enhance your property’s lights with a home lighting control system? Contact Sound and Theater today! We offer premium Control4 lighting solutions that will revolutionize how you experience your Ellicottville, NY, home. 

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