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Automate & Integrate Your Smart Home

Closeup of a person using a wall-mounted Control4 interface. 

A Control4 Smart Home Automation System Gives You Efficiency, Comfort, and Convenience

At Sound & Theater, we specialize in smart home automation, providing our clients across Western New York with the latest technology to make their homes more efficient, convenient, and easy to control. How do we do it? By relying on our extensive expertise and brand partnerships with companies like Control4, the leading name in automation systems.  

From Ellicottville to Clarence and everywhere in between, hundreds of our clients already enjoy the many benefits of a technology-driven, automated life. But what exactly are these benefits, and how could Control4 make your smart home more intelligent, efficient, and convenient? Read on to find out!

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The Control4 Advantage

When efficiency is the name of the game, you want Control4 playing on your team. Why is that? With the ability to control lighting, heating, and cooling from a central device, homeowners will save time, energy, and money on their electric bills. An automated system also allows for easy scheduling, so lights, shades, and thermostats can be programmed to always keep the temperature just right. Or, if you spend extended periods of time away from home, why not automate all systems to save energy until it’s time for you to come back? And if security is a concern, a screen tap is all it takes to turn the lights on and roll the Qmotion shades up from the other side of the world - giving potential intruders the impression that someone is home. 

Control4 is designed to work with a wide range of devices, and its software is constantly updated with new drivers to support emerging products and technologies. What does this mean for homeowners like yourself? Whether there are existing devices that you want to keep or new ones planned for a future update, we can seamlessly integrate them into your home automation system. 

A Professional Installation

From lighting control and shades to security, audio, and video, every technology system requires a professional installation, integration, and automation to work as it should. By partnering with the best brands, remaining involved in our community, and keeping up with the latest industry trends and innovations, we can make your smart home more efficient, convenient, and easy to operate. 

What’s there not to like about saving time, energy, and money or controlling dozens of smart devices from your phone and easily integrating new ones whenever you want? That’s what Control4 and Sound & Theater bring to the table, along with the best installation, programming, and support in Western New York. Contact us to learn more about how we can automate your smart home! 

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