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3 Ways Control4 Helps You Prepare for the Holidays


Enjoy a Less Stressful Season with Smart Home Automation 

The holiday season has begun, bringing with it a long list of things to do, parties to attend, items to buy, and people to see. No matter which holiday you celebrate this season, a smart home automation system like Control4 can help make it a little less stressful and a little more fun.

When all your home technology is connected into one simple-to-use system, it helps take away daily stresses to make life in your Amherst, NY home more comfortable and convenient—especially during the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

Below, learn three ways Control4 can help you prepare this year, and check out the corresponding Control4 tutorial videos!

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Intercom Anywhere

Visitors are continually coming to your home during the holidays, and you can’t always be at the door to greet them. Control4’s Intercom Anywhere instantly lets you see and communicate with anyone who approaches your door, no matter where you are, so you can greet them accordingly.

Intercom Anywhere sends an alert to your smartphone when someone arrives at your door. You can then video chat with them and even unlock your door from the same app to let them inside. This feature is perfect for package deliveries, too. When the delivery person approaches your door, you can ask them to place your items inside and then lock the door behind them.

Pre-Set Lighting Scenes

You already have lots to do during the holiday season. With pre-set lighting scenes, you won’t have to remember to turn on your outdoor lights at night or double-check that the lights are off downstairs when you go to sleep. Let Control4 do it for you.

For more hands-on control, create one-tap lighting scenes for any and every room in your home that complements any holiday activity. For example, create a “Party” scene that instantly sets the mood with an illuminated curbside, dimmed overhead lighting, and bright accent lighting throughout the home. When it’s time for sleep, use the intuitive Control4 app to quickly check that all lights are off from the comfort of your bed.

Multiroom Audio and Video

Media plays a huge role in how we celebrate the holidays. Whether you partake in family movie nights, holiday playlists by the fire, or throw annual parties at your home, Control4 makes it easy to control and distribute any audio and video of your choice to any room in the house from the convenience of a single interface.

Instantly see what media is being played where in your home by viewing the Media Sessions screen on your Control4 system. If someone is listening to music on the patio, easily distribute the same music to your living room and kitchen for added holiday cheer throughout the house. If the kids are watching a Hallmark movie upstairs, make it a family event by playing the same movie in the media room for all to gather in one place. It’s all possible with just a tap on your preferred smart device.


We’ve only scratched the surface of what Control4 can do to help you prepare for a season of festivities. To learn more about the magic of Control4 home automation and how to incorporate it into your home, contact our team here or send us a live chat below to talk with a smart home expert today. We look forward to helping you have a merrier holiday.

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