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Harness Your Smart Home Technology with Control4


Smart home technology has made managing your property in Buffalo or elsewhere in Western New York easier and more efficient. What if there was a way to control all these devices from one centralized location? That’s where Control4 comes in.

We can’t sing Control4’s praises loudly enough at Sound & Theater. Their home automation system gives you the power to control your lighting system, window treatments, entertainment devices, smart thermostat, home security, and more, all from one app on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or remote. Keep reading to dive into more benefits.

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Plays Well with Others

Homeowners love using Control4’s home automation system because they can easily integrate other devices from different manufacturers within the system. When you’re shopping for smart home technology, you don’t want to be limited to a small number of manufacturers. You want to have a vast pool of devices to choose from that meet all your unique needs and personal preferences.

Plus, Control4 made integrating smart home products with your system simpler with the Control4 Simple Device Discovery Protocol (SDDP) technology. SDDP is a code that Control4 licenses to manufacturers around the world to embed in their smart technology products for the smoothest integration possible.

Increases Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

People are aware of their energy consumption and their effect on the environment more than ever. Control4 helps you reduce your carbon footprint by integrating your home’s climate control with your automation system. Adjust your smart thermostat on your smart device from anywhere in the world so that your home doesn’t waste energy heating or cooling an empty space.

You can even integrate your lighting control and motorized shades with your Control4 automation system. Your lighting and window treatments can be programmed to work in tandem with your smart thermostat to manage your home’s climate and lower your monthly energy bill.

Enhances Your Security

One of the most popular smart technology additions being brought into the home is smart security systems. When you integrate your security and surveillance into your Control4 home automation system, you have even more control over your property’s security.

Check your surveillance cameras to view live HD footage from anywhere using your smartphone, and customize security settings to fit your daily routine. To take security to the next level, your smart security system can work with your lighting control and motorized window treatments to make your home appear to be occupied even when it’s not for an extended period of time. This can ward off any unwanted intruders watching your home.

If you’re ready to see the impact smart home technology can make on your daily life, Sound & Theater is prepared to help. We proudly serve residences from Amherst to Hamburg, NY, and everywhere in between. Reach out by giving us a call or filling out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation to see if Control4 is a good fit for your home. We look forward to hearing from you!

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