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3 Ways Smart Technology Elevates Your Home’s Design

A Smart Home Installation Doesn’t Mean the Detriment of Your Property’s Style

3 Ways Smart Technology Elevates Your Home’s Design

It’s a common misconception that smart technology hinders a property’s interior and exterior design. Many homeowners and designers still think a beautiful home and a future-forward smart home are mutually exclusive.

So, we’re here to set the record straight: Not only are today’s smart home installations perfectly fitting for any type of home design, but certain solutions can even add to your property’s style. Read below for three smart home technologies you can be sure will boost the fengshui inside and outside your Buffalo, NY home.

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Landscape Speakers

A beautiful outdoor entertainment space serves multiple purposes, from big-party gatherings under the stars to a sunny day of solitude by the pool. Whatever you use your outdoor patio space for, equip it with a high-fidelity speaker system that blends in perfectly with your landscaping.

Solutions from Rockustics give you the great sound you want for all your outdoor spaces with speakers that are constructed to look like real rocks, stones, and even planter pots. Each speaker is combined with authentic environmental design to transform your outdoor spaces into a high-fidelity haven. Stream music, the audio from the latest sports game, and more from weather-proof, fade-resistant landscape speakers that complement any outdoor design.

Motorized Shades

The benefits of motorized shades are vast, including their power to elevate the interior design of any home space that has windows. Solutions from QMotion offer top-notch technology and leading fashion sense for stylish homes of all types. Choose from a variety of fabrics, styles, and colors to add personality to every room in your home that is exposed to the outdoors.

For your kitchen, select a sheer weave style that protects your furnishings from UV rays but still allows natural light to brighten your space during the day. For your media room, choose from a variety of blackout styles that complement the room’s décor but also block out all sunlight when you’re ready to watch a movie.

No matter the style of QMotion motorized shades you choose, control them all with ease by just the press of a button. Schedule scenes for them to follow, or even set them to the astronomical clock to rise and fall with the sun. With smart shades, you’ll save energy, gain added convenience, and elevate your home’s style all at once.

Customizable Keypads

Smart home keypads make controlling events around your property a breeze, but they can be an eyesore on your walls if they are not sleek and beautiful in design. Fortunately, Control4 keypads offer any homeowner a variety of sophisticated options that can either blend in or create a complementary pop of style in any space of the home.

Control4 keypads come in many stylish colors, each with either a gloss or matte finish. Mix and match faceplate and button colors as you desire, from white-on-white to ivory, bronze, midnight black, satin nickel, and more. Control4 keypad buttons are also backlit and programmable to be any color you choose for added aesthetics and easy readability.

Configure your Control4 keypads to create customized scenes in and outside your home, shut off everything entirely as you leave for work or turn in for bed, and more. As your keypads control events in your home, they’ll look beautiful doing it, too.

Want to learn more about the many smart technologies that elevate your property’s design? Contact our team of smart home experts here or send us a live chat below now!



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