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Upgrade Your Business with Audio Video Distribution


Improve the Atmosphere in your New York Business with These Solutions 

We’ve previously discussed several of the perks commercial automation can bring to your business’ conference rooms, such as improved meeting efficiency, lower energy costs, and improved employee collaboration.

Another innovative technology solution that you can bring to your Buffalo, NY business is audio video distribution. Whether you’re in a traditional office setting, a restaurant, or a retail store, audio video distribution makes it possible to share information effectively and create a better ambiance for customers and staff. Keep reading to learn how!

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Set the Mood with Music

Some may call it background music, and others may call it mood music. The fact of the matter is that music can change the mood of an environment. There’s no need to juggle remotes to multiple sources because audio video distribution allows you to enhance the atmosphere of your business with just a few taps of a remote control or touch screen.

In a retail setting, you can stream your favorite Spotify stations during the busy holiday season to lift the mood of your customers and get them into the shopping spirit. In an office, relaxing music can provide respite from hectic, deadline-filled days and soothe people waiting in reception areas. In a hotel, your guests can enjoy calming music in the elevators to ease them into winding down after a long day of sightseeing around the city.

Digital Signage and Entertainment

You can promote useful and pertinent information efficiently throughout your business with digital displays and signage. From one central location, you’ll be able to manage messaging to mounted screens placed throughout your establishment with simple software solutions.

In reception areas, you can entertain patrons while they wait with a TV show and also provide information about the services you offer. In restaurants, you can change all of the TVs to the same big football game or have football on a few TVs and a hockey game on the rest of the displays. You can also communicate food and drink specials and upcoming promotions. With audio video distribution, you can control what you play on each device from one centralized location. Your patrons are pleased, and your employees are happy to manage a system that’s easy to use.


If you’re ready to elevate the mood of your patrons and employees by upgrading the audio video distribution system in your Buffalo, NY business, call us today at (716) 632-2790 or fill out our contact form here. We can’t wait to help you bring new convenience to your establishment.

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