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3 Takeaways from InfoComm 2019 to Apply to Your Conference Room


Maintain a Future-Forward Conference Room Design with the Latest Audiovisual Solutions 

InfoComm 2019 has come and gone, but not without leaving a record-breaking impact on today’s professional audiovisual industry. The largest AV trade show in North America covering audio, video, control, digital signage, and more, InfoComm saw the highest number of attendees this year, topping more than 44,000 people from 110 countries.

Although attendees are still aggregating key takeaways from the seven-day conference that wrapped up on June 14, our team at Sound & Theater took away three overarching trends mentioned during InfoComm’s Emerging Trends Day and explored how to best apply them to your conference room design in Orchard Park, NY. Implementing these ideas will result in enhanced performance and increased efficiency. Explore our findings below!


Connected AV for Increased Efficiency

IP, or Internet Protocol, continues to be the universal language of AV, according to InfoComm speaker and Market Analyst Anthony Brennan of Futuresource. AV over IP is the transmission of audiovisual data over a network, as opposed to conventional analog AV environments, and the concept is growing fast thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT).

AV over IP offers a variety of benefits to the operation and performance of your conference room’s audiovisual technology, such as scalable switching, a break in distance barriers, better ratio of inputs to outputs, convergence with data and communications, and more.

By incorporating network-based AV solutions into your conference room, you’ll harness the power to seamlessly distribute uncompressed audiovisual content such as meeting presentations and training videos to more users across larger distances with near-zero latency. What’s more, we can integrate all of your AV solutions into one easy-to-use control platform so deploying your audio and video is just a button press away.

Immersive Audio and Video Displays

InfoComm’s Emerging Trends Day speakers also focused on disruptive audiovisual technology such as immersive audio solutions and the growing landscape of high-resolution video displays. From cinema to classrooms, industries across the board are implementing these top-performing solutions as they become more accessible.

So, how can solutions like immersive audio and 4K displays make a positive impact on your conference room design? For starters, a robust audio distribution system ensures professional, top-quality sound for your conference room meetings and training sessions. Eliminate frustrating audio feedback, volume fluctuations, and interference with properly placed in-surface speakers that distribute clear, even sound from any connected audio source without disrupting the environment of your conference room.

What’s more, high-resolution video displays ensure larger, crystal-clear picture that is sure to impress when presenting to clients, investors, and upper management. For conference room setups with projector-screen displays, solutions such as high-lumen 4K projectors eliminate the need to completely blackout your conference room for clear, high-contrast image during video conference meetings.

Shift Toward User Empowerment

Lastly, InfoComm’s Emerging Trends Day focused on the rise of user empowerment and the growing demand for more flexible and intuitive unified communications and collaboration (UCC) systems. UCC technologies combine enterprise collaborative tools into a single interface to help organizations overcome inefficiencies and fragmented operations for a better performing workplace.

Incorporate the power of UCC solutions into your conference room with products like the InFocus Monopad, an all-in-one touchscreen display system for efficient face-to-face collaboration with people from anywhere around the world. The Monopad allows you to share data, video conference, whiteboard, and more with dispersed clients and staff from one seamlessly integrated platform.

Connect your Monopad to your Office 365 account to quickly and securely share information from your email, calendar, and any documents stored on the cloud. All your shared ideas, brainstorming sessions, and writeups will never be lost and will always be accessible to those who have access no matter where they are.


Ensure your conference room is designed with the future in mind. If you’re ready to upgrade your conference room design with the latest audiovisual technologies, get in touch with our team today by filling out our online contact form or sending us a live chat below! We look forward to assisting you.

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