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3 Tips to Maximize Performance From Your Whole-Home Audio System


Enjoy a Variety of Content, Create Personalized Scenes, and More in Any and Every Room of Your Home 

Whole-home audio truly transforms your music experience, enabling you to walk from the bedroom to the kitchen without missing a beat of your favorite tunes. But are you taking full advantage of all the benefits your home audio system has to offer?

Maximize the performance of your audio system by going beyond whole-home music and exploring other features it can provide for you. Below, we lay out three tips to help you enjoy the home audio system in your Clarence, NY home to the fullest. Keep reading for more!

Tip #1: Go Beyond Music

Your most common go-to when distributing content around the home may be music from streaming services like Pandora, Spotify, or Deezer, but that’s not the only content you can enjoy from room to room. Instead, consider your favorite audiobook, podcast, or even the audio from the TV or movie you’re enjoying so that you can keep up with the storyline as you get up to refill your drink or check on the front door.

Your streaming services for music, audiobooks, and podcasts are easy to access online, but our team can make it just as easy for you to stream your TV audio throughout the home by connecting your television to your home audio system with an HDMI, coaxial, or optical cable. All you have to do is select TV audio on your receiver and enjoy.

Tip #2: Use Zones for Different Content

Sometimes you may not want to have the same playlist streaming in the living room as you do on the back porch. In such cases, you can use zones to play different content in different areas of your home—at the same time.

The process of adding, removing, or adjusting rooms to your liking will depend on your home audio system, but well-known platforms like Control4 make it easier than ever for anyone in your home to play what they want, when they want, in whatever room they want. From the same interface, you can view what’s actively playing in every zone and edit rooms or media in a single tap.

Tip 3: Set the Perfect Scene

By controlling your multi-room audio system with a home automation system like Control4, you can integrate your favorite playlists with other smart technologies around the house for customized one-tap scenes that complement any mood.

Create scenes like “Good Morning” and watch as your shades rise, lights brighten, and your favorite energizing playlist begins to stream throughout the home. For an evening date night, program scenes like “Romance” to dim your overhead lighting, lower the shades, and stream slow jazz in the kitchen and dining room. No matter the occasion, you can effortlessly craft the perfect scene with integrated playlists or other media to complement every moment of your day and night.

Want to ensure you’re making the most of your whole-home audio system? Our trusted AV professionals are happy to help. Contact us here or send us a live chat below to talk to a team member today.
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