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3 Hidden A/V Solutions for Sightless Home Entertainment

Due to their flexibility and multi-purpose layouts, media rooms can be fun to design – until you have to incorporate the technology. From the TV display to the surround sound system, receiver, cabling, and more, interior designers and homeowners alike must be able to master the art of seamlessly blending A/V technology into their media room designs without intruding on style.

Our A/V professionals at Sound & Theater can help you craft the perfect media room with concealed and camouflaged audiovisual equipment and cabling so you never have to worry about bulky, obtrusive technology compromising your project in Orchard Park or the broader Western New York area.

Keep reading to explore three hidden A/V solutions we offer for a sightless, high-performance entertainment system in any media room.


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Frame TVs

When not in use, TV displays are quite the eyesore. The bigger the display, the bigger the black hole is on the wall when it’s not in use. Frame TVs are the perfect solution to maintaining a beautiful aesthetic in your media room when the display is off.

Samsung’s Frame TV (pictured above) produces stunning picture when turned on but becomes beautiful art when turned off. These displays camouflage as framed paintings that add to your design instead of taking away from it. You or your clients can change the artwork as you desire by browsing through Samsung’s Art Store and then enjoy your favorite shows in QLED 4K UHD.

Architectural Speakers

Traditional sound systems can certainly add to your media room’s design, but those solutions are not always ideal when you consider speaker size, placement requirements, and your design taste. In that case, invisible sound may be your best bet.

Invisible surround sound is possible in any media room with in-surface speakers from SolidDrive. These high-fidelity speakers transform any solid surface – drywall, glass, wood, or fiberglass – into a beautiful sound source. With no visible wires or grilles, SolidDrive speakers create the surround sound you desire without distracting from your interior design efforts.

Universal Remote

The more technology you incorporate into a room, the more remotes will be required for controlling that technology. What’s the point of creating a beautiful, concealed entertainment system for your media room design when you or your client has to look at a pile of remotes on the coffee table?

Instead, opt for a universal remote that the entire family can use to control not only the A/V equipment in the room, but also the lights, window treatments, and thermostat. The universal remote by Control4 even allows users to personalize scenes for each room with just one button and works from anywhere in the home.

We can work with interior designers to program scenes that make your media room design look its absolute best for your clients. We’ll wow them with scenes for movie night, afternoon reading, and more to help your clients picture just how they’ll enjoy the media room that you have designed for them.

Ready to work together? Contact our team of professional A/V integrators today or send us a chat below right now to learn how our partnership can greatly elevate your media room interior design project in Western New York. We look forward to hearing from you!


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