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Which TV is Best for Your Outdoor Entertainment System?


These SunBriteTV Models Are Your Top Contenders 

There’s a reason you don’t often see TVs installed in backyards and patios: The TVs found indoors are simply inadequate for outdoor use. Not only would their screens be virtually impossible to see due to sun glare, but their performance would quickly diminish from weather, temperature, and damaging UV rays. 

Fortunately, your dream of backyard entertaining at your home in the Ellicottville, New York area can still come trueSunBriteTV, the leader in outdoor televisions, offers three series of all-weather, ultra-bright LED-LCD TVs precisely designed for outdoor use. These TVs feature technologies that make them perfect for year-round outdoor use, from their durable aluminum casings that protect against insects and weather to their built-in heaters and fans that allow the TVs to operate in temperatures as low as -24 degrees and as high as 122 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Explore each SunBriteTV model below to decide which would be an excellent addition to your outdoor entertainment system 

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Veranda – Full Shade 

SunBrite’s TV lineup begins with the Veranda series. This model is fully weatherproof and functions under extreme temperatures, however, SunBrite’s Veranda TVs should ideally be installed in fully shaded areas, such as a covered patio, porch, or sunroom. 

Veranda TVs offer 50 percent more brightness than your typical LED-LCD TV from brands like Samsung or Sony, which is perfect for shaded outdoor spaces but not quite bright enough to outshine direct sunlight. If your outdoor space is fully covered and offers no exposure to the sun, then the Veranda series is the perfect option for you. 

The 4K Ultra-HD HDR Veranda series features several sizes, ranging from 43 inches to 75 inches, and even comes with a weatherproof remote and a warranty appropriate for outdoor use. 

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Signature – Partial Sun 

SunBrite’s Signature series is designed for outdoor spaces that fluctuate between full sun and full shade. If your patio is only partially covered or offers open slats for sun exposure, then the Signature series may be a better option for you than Veranda. 

Signature 4K UHD TVs are designed with anti-glare and OptiView™ technology for brighter-day and darker-night viewing. They’re also much brighter than the Veranda model, delivering up to three times the brightness of your typical indoor TV. 

The Signature series also features a variety of sizes, ranging from 43 inches to 75 inches, is manufactured with a commercial-grade screen, and comes with a warranty appropriate for outdoor use. 

Pro – Full Sun 

Behold the most sun-resistant of them all: Sunbrite’s Pro series. This model is just as bright as the Signature, offering up to three times the brightness of a typical indoor TV, but the differentiator is its protective glass shield. 

Though the Pro series does not feature 4K resolution, it is designed to withstand virtually any impact. It can sit defiantly in direct sunlight at up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit and is completely UV-resistant so that performance does not wane over time. If your outdoor entertainment space offers no opportunity for shade and is completely vulnerable to weather and debris, then the Pro series may be the perfect option for you. 

What’s more, the Pro series also differs from Veranda and Signature in audio quality. While both Veranda and Signature use 20-watt down-firing speakers, the Pro model includes a separate, detachable speaker bar. 

The Pro series features several sizes as well, ranging from 32 inches to 55 inches, is manufactured with a commercial-grade screen, and comes with a warranty for outdoor use. 


Don’t risk ruining a perfectly good indoor TV by installing it outdoors where it doesn’t belong. Instead, invest in a SunBriteTV model that will thrive for seasons to come no matter what the weather brings. 

Learn more about the differences between Veranda, Signature, and Pro or take the next step toward upgrading your outdoor entertainment system by contacting our team today! 

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