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Is Commercial Automation Worth it For Your Office?


Find Out The Benefits of Automating Your Workspace 

As a business owner, you always are looking for ways to improve your company. We at Sound & Theater know first-hand how challenging maintaining a business can be.

That’s why when it comes to your workspace, it’s essential that you optimize your space for the success of not only your overall business but also your employees.

If you are ready to make your next office upgrade, consider a commercial automation solution for your Amherst, New York-area workplace.

How can building or office automation improve your workspace environment? We explain below.

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Decreased Energy Consumption

You might be wondering what commercial automation means.

A professional technology integrator will merge all of the controls for the technologies in your office – from your lights and motorized shades to your thermostat and security system – into a single, easy-to-manage system.

You can manually control each device from the convenience of an in-wall touchscreen panel or your own smartphone or tablet, giving you the ability to access your office from anywhere in the world.

But with automation, you can enhance your office by saving on energy-operating costs.

Just by adding sensors to your automation system, you can have lights automatically turn off while a room is unoccupied – saving you on unnecessary energy spending.

These sensors also can adjust your office’s lighting levels during the day to accommodate the level of natural light entering your workspace. That way, you aren’t spending more as you keep your lights at maximum brightness all day.

Your office thermostat also can automatically enter “eco-mode” – a setting optimized for energy efficiency – while your workspace is vacant after hours.

This, in turn, will save your business from unnecessary energy spending.

Enhanced Security Presence

Commercial automation also can drastically improve your workspace’s security presence.

With a smart security system, automation can keep your office secure – especially after hours.

Consider that in the event a breach ever occurs, whether it’s through a window shattering or a door unexpectedly opening while your alarms are active, you instantly will be notified through a push alert sent to your phone.

You can take action immediately – whether it’s viewing your security cameras remotely to review the incident or notifying the police yourself.

In the event of an intrusion, though, your office automation system will spring into action. Your lights will turn on and begin to flash. Alarms will blare throughout your workplace.

Anyone trying to break-in instantly will know their attempt will be unsuccessful.

More Comfortable Working Environment

Commercial automation also helps to provide a more comfortable working setting for your employees.

As we mentioned above, your lights automatically will adjust to the amount of natural sunlight entering your office so that it’s never too bright or too dark inside.

But what about those times when direct sunlight is entering your workplace? Employees might find it distracting and uncomfortable to work in those conditions.

With photosensors that can detect direct sunlight, though, your motorized shades automatically can roll down during those times of the day. That way, your employees can focus on their work instead of worrying about the outdoor conditions.

Of course, your automation solution also will feature custom control capabilities. If your employees prefer working with background music, choosing a playlist for the office is as effortless as pressing a button on your control system’s user interface.

Do you want to find out more about how a custom commercial automation solution can enhance your office – whether it’s in Amherst or anywhere throughout Western New York?

Sound & Theater has the answers. You can reach out to us today by calling us at (716) 632-2790 or by clicking the button below.

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