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Building a New House? Here's How to Give It a Smart Upgrade


What You Need to Know About a Home Automation System. 

Building a brand-new home is an opportunity to start fresh.

With a clean slate, you can provide your family with a house designed to your preferences – you can customize the features you want to include, from amenities to interior design and more.

As you prepare for your home construction project, it’s also an opportunity to integrate technology into your new residence.

And if you ever have been interested in a home automation system, it’s the perfect time to add this technology to your property.

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What Can Home Automation Accomplish?

Before we dive into the many benefits of home automation, it’s essential you understand how home automation will affect your property.

In a home automation solution, every technology will be connected through one integrated setup – from your lighting control system to your motorized shades, audio video devices, and more.

Through this system, you can control all of your devices from the convenience of an in-wall touchscreen panel or your smartphone or tablet.

That means you can turn off every light in your house or select music to play throughout your home with just the press of a button.

But with home automation, you also can schedule for events to happen automatically. For example, when you wake up at 7 a.m. to the sound of your alarm, your motorized bedroom shades automatically can raise, your master bathroom and bedroom lights can turn on, and music can begin playing as you get out of bed.

That’s just one of the many commands you can create customized to your lifestyle.

A home automation system is meant to maximize efficiency. Not only is it designed to add convenience so you can simplify day-to-day tasks, but it also can help you lower energy bills and maintain an efficient house.

You can even feature occupancy sensors that will keep lights off when a room is unoccupied or sun sensors that will instantly lower motorized shades at the detection of direct sunlight.

Ultimately, you can include whatever technology in your smart home system that will enhance your lifestyle.

How to Begin Your Automation Project

The best time to start your home automation project is before you even begin building your new home.

Here’s why: When you plan for smart home technology, you seamlessly can integrate it into the infrastructure of your house.

The first step is to get in touch with your local technology professional during the planning phase of your project. Then, you can work together to develop a plan for your smart home system – including the technologies you want to include, the automation commands you want to feature, and more.

Of course, you always can update your home automation system any time, but by proactively building your smart home during the construction phase, your installer can work with your homebuilders to prewire your entire property for technology.

Your smart home company will place cables and wires throughout your home, long before drywall goes up, in preparation for your connected technology. This not only will add efficiency to the installation, but it also will make adding future devices easy.

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