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Outdoor Entertainment Centers: Go Beyond Your 4 Walls


Find a Way to Expand Your Horizons While Keeping Your Family Safe  

There are a lot of ways to keep your family entertained while staying home to protect their health—and that of your community. During the next few months, it will be tempting to stay cooped up inside all the time while finding a release in your favorite music, TV shows or movies.

Torn between a leisurely evening on the patio and watching the latest Hollywood blockbuster? Caught between getting a breath of fresh air and catching the latest Netflix release?

Outside or inside—a conundrum that has existed since the invention of the television and one that has only gotten more difficult with many forms of outdoor entertainment limited

You no longer have to choose. Bring these two fantastic entertainment settings together with a high-performance outdoor entertainment system that helps your family have much needed fun outside of the house

It's time to extend your entertainment beyond the four walls of your Clarence, NY home.

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Bringing Your Entertainment Outdoors

According to a 2016 study by the American Home Furnishings Alliance, over 70 percent of U.S. households have outdoor living areas. What a great opportunity to enhance your home entertainment options with innovative outdoor technology—here’s how.

1. Choose an Outdoor-Rated TV

The most obvious reason you need to shop for an outdoor-rated TV is that an indoor TV is not designed to withstand the elements. It will fail eventually if used and stored outdoors.

Rugged outdoor models, like those made by SunBriteTV, utilize aluminum casings and temperature controls to deliver year-round, malfunction-resistant performance that resists the hazards of outdoor use, such as:  

  • High humidity and moisture
  • Particles in the air
  • Insects
  • Extreme temperatures and temperature changes
  • Salty air

Perhaps even more important is the fact that a conventional indoor TV simply isn’t designed for outdoor viewing, lacking the necessary brightness, glare reduction, and sharpness to provide a high-quality viewing experience.

SunBrite TVs come in a number of different grades and offer up to three times more brightness than most indoor TVs, as well as packing the necessary picture enhancements to bring you and your guests an ideal viewing experience in harsh outdoor viewing conditions.

2. Select Your Outdoor Sound System

Along the same lines as the TV, your outdoor sound system is crucial because it can provide high-quality sound while standing up to whatever conditions Mother Nature throws at it.

An outdoor sound bar (see an example made by SunbriteTV here), which is usually installed right below your television, can be combined with outdoor speakers in the area surrounding the TV. Add some ultra-comfortable outdoor furniture, and you’ll have your own outdoor home theater.

Installing additional high-performance wireless speakers, such as these produced by Sonos, that utilize Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections at strategic locations will allow you to enjoy music from any device in all areas of your outdoor space,

Some outdoor entertainment speakers are even designed to look like rocks and other landscape features in order to blend in with the natural aesthetic of your outdoor space. Rockustics by MSE Audio produces a high-performance line that is weatherproof, fade-resistant, and combined with authentic environmental design.

Let’s Build You the Outdoor Entertainment Center of Your Dreams

If you’re ready for the serious expansion of entertainment possibilities at your Clarence, NY home, our team at Sound and Theater is ready to design and construct an outdoor entertainment center with top-of-the-line performance.

Contact us here to get started today.

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