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Dance In Every Room Of The House With A Wireless Music System


High-end systems such as Sonos make it easy to get crisp audio throughout your home      

Imagine being able to play your favorite music throughout your home with just the tap of a button. Best of all, there is no need to tear open your walls or complete a complicated installation process when setting up your audio system. Wireless audio brings the best of sound quality and ease of use to your home. Enjoy your music as you travel from room to room with a wireless sound system from Sonos. Read on to learn how a wireless music system will bring your favorite music into your home, whether you live in Buffalo or Ellicottville, NY.



Wireless Music Systems

Wired systems used to be the only way to go when it came to whole-home audio. With advancements in sound technology, wireless systems have increased in quality and become more accessible to homeowners. The leading wireless audio provider is undoubtedly Sonos, with its simplified installation process, flexible scalability, and intuitive control. Using their proprietary Trueplay feature, your system can instantly calibrate your speakers with a single tap on your smartphone. Even if there is a piece of furniture in front of them, your speakers will sound clear. Wireless systems are more affordable than wired systems because they do not require opening up your walls for installation. Wireless speakers are also easier to integrate into your interior design as they do not require wires. They are a good option for homeowners who want flexibility, affordability, and style.


Sonos Amp

Already have hardwired audio components but want to enjoy the intuitive control that Sonos has to offer? Check out the Sonos Amp or Sonos Port! Use the Amp to integrate your high-end, passive speakers with Sonos ecosystem speakers such as the Sonos One, Sonos Beam, Playbar, and other Sonos products for seamless multi-room playback. Use the Port to integrate a wired stereo system into a Sonos ecosystem for seamless wireless control capabilities. Easily control every speaker through the Sonos app on your smart device of choice or through voice control technology such as Amazon Alexa. Connect to a variety of sources other than just streaming audio. Hook up CD changers, external hard drives, turntables and more to listen to all of your favorite classic hits.


Want to enjoy even further control of your home’s technology? Incorporate your system with other vital devices such as lights, smart thermostats, motorized shades, televisions, and more. A full-scale home automation system will add convenience to every area of your lifestyle. An integrator like Sound & Theater can help you consolidate your smart technology into one control system. Interested in finding out more about how a wireless music system can improve your home? Reach out to Sound & Theater today by clicking here.

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