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What to Look for in a Home Network Installation


As electronics, technology, and digital communication become more important in our lives, so does the need for a robust home network. Your home network is your home’s central nervous system. It allows your smartphones, tablets, computers, printers, game systems, security systems, streaming platforms, and more to operate. However, it’s not enough to just have a home network — your home network needs to support all the devices and systems you have and make sure they run smoothly and efficiently.

Here’s what to consider for your home network installation for your home.

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Before you set up your home network, you’ll want to choose either a wired or wireless network. Both have unique features and advantages. Wired networks use cables to connect your devices, and they tend to have faster speeds than wireless ones. They are also more secure since they are set up with cables that stay within the confines of your home — making it harder for outside users to access. Wireless (Wi-Fi) networks are easier to install than wired, and more accessible for those who need access to your Wi-Fi easily — such as guests you have over. It’s also easier for mobile devices and tablets to access wireless networks.

You can even have a home network that uses both wireless and wired networking methods, such as broadband routers. Broadband connections can connect directly to your devices and thus offer faster internet speeds.


If you live in a large home, you may not be able to connect all your devices directly to your network. You'll want to have your smartphone or laptop work wherever you are in your home, so to ensure you have sufficient internet connections, you can extend your network's coverage. If you have a wired network, you can run cables into all the rooms that need connection. If you have a Wi-Fi network, you can install wireless access points that send and receive stronger signals than wireless routers.

At Sound & Theater, your New York home automation company, we believe in reliable, robust, and secure networks for communications and home control. Whether your home is in Buffalo or Ellicottville, we will work with you to find a complete networking solution that satisfies all that your system needs. Learn more by contacting us here! 

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