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3 Exciting Ways to Increase the Value of Your New York Home


From Lighting to AutomationSmart Homes Offer Value  

Smart homes and Internet of Things (IoT) devices have taken the world by storm with a forecasted 63 million American homes adopting smart devices by 2022. Often, a single smart device serves as an entry product to more robust, connected smart systems that work seamlessly together.

There are many different smart home systems you can incorporate into your Orchard Park, NY home, including smart home lighting, motorized shades, and a full-fledged Control4 control system.

Keep reading to learn how these smart systems can go beyond increasing your comfort and convenience and actually serve to increase the value of your home.

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Smart Home Lighting

You can enjoy the benefits of smart lighting and lighting control systems year-round in your New York home. You can program the different spaces of your home into lighting zones to easily set the mood for any activity within seconds. Better yet, utilize Ketra tunable lighting throughout the day to mimic the natural light of the sun. You can even schedule your lighting to sync with an astronomical clock, so outdoor lighting turns on at dusk and off at sunrise.

Smart home lighting is a valuable investment, as well. Nearly 80% of home buyers prefer their future home to include smart technologies. This preference improves your chances of reselling your home in the future and also provides energy savings immediately.

Motorized Shades

Just how much time do you spend opening and closing window blinds in your Orchard Park home? With a tap on a remote control, in-wall keypad, or your smartphone, you can open, close - and even partially close - every window in your home.

You can tie in your motorized window treatments with your smart thermostat and temperature sensors for additional energy savings. Imagine motorized shades lowering when the room temperature gets too hot, shielding your home from solar heat buildup and keeping your AC system from turning on when unneeded.

Automation Control System

On their own, smart home lighting and motorized shades work brilliantly in bringing comfort, style, convenience, and energy savings to your home. Go a step further by incorporating both functions into a Control4 smart home system.

All of your smart devices can be integrated into one smart system designed to work seamlessly, so you don’t even notice it working. Nearly 40% of millennials desire to buy a home with automation technology, and millennials are the fastest-growing home-buying demographic in America. Smart home upgrades are an investment in your home – now and in the future.


Sound and Theater is a proud Control4 Gold Certified Programmer, and it is our mission to connect people to valuable technology solutions that improve their lives. Call us today at (716) 632-2790 or use our online contact form to reach us. We can’t wait to bring the value of smart home technology to your Orchard Park home.

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