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Has Your Slow Home Network Got You Down?


Boost Your Speed and Connection with a Home Network Installation Upgrade  

If there’s one thing we depend on in our high-tech society, it’s a reliable connection, both Wi-Fi and the internet. Without it, all our technological activities – movie and music streaming, internet and social media browsing, and smart home usage – would be impossible. In fact, if the Wi-Fi and the internet stopped powering the tech at our homes and businesses, our world would grind to a halt. 

Still, it’s not enough to have a router, modem, or even Wi-Fi access points in your smart home. Instead, your home network should be robust, advanced, and able to efficiently handle all the connections in your home. In this article, we’ll discuss the two primary technologies you need for a home network installation upgrade at your home in Amherst, East Aurora, or Buffalo, NY area home.  

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Bye-Bye to Your Bothersome Bottleneck!  

Not long ago, homeowners rarely worried about problems with the internet. That’s because before smart home technologies became popular, the only technology that connected to the internet was the computer. Now, nearly every technology in your home depends on a reliable internet connection – technologies such as smart lighting, TVs, whole-home audio systems, home security, and so much more!  

Now, the bane of existence for modern-day homeowners is the bandwidth bottleneck. For instance, let’s say you and a loved one are enjoying a movie in your home theater, your child is streaming music through an in-room audio system, and another family member is video chatting with a friend. If your internet isn’t up to speed, everyone will start experiencing loading problems or glitches.  

Upgrading to a new router gives you the much-needed speed and bandwidth you require. In addition to that, depending on your needs and how many technologies you use, you may need to consider installing Cat6 cabling throughout your home. This ensures incredibly reliable and fast speeds, because it offers a premium hardwired connection to critical technologies in your home, such as home security, home entertainment, and lighting.  

How to Solve Your Wi-Fi Woes 

Wi-Fi offers a wonderful way to connect to the internet wirelessly. Instead of plugging in, you simply rely on an “invisible” connection to stream media, browse the internet on a computer or phone, and control a myriad of other devices in your home. Still, Wi-Fi has its limitations. For one thing, it doesn’t have an endless range. The router in your home probably has a range of about 150 feet inside and 300 outside. Also, various walls, closed doors, other objects, and even other Wi-Fi devices affect the signal strength.  

But Wi-Fi 6 changes everything. It not only ensures a longer reach, but the intuitive technology “knows” how to avoid interference and select the best path to the source, such as a smartphone or smart home device. In addition, it transmits and receives signals from many more devices than the older technology, Wi-Fi 5. A home network installation that includes Wi-Fi 6 ensures a steady and strong wireless signal throughout every inch of your property.  

Don’t settle for a home network that causes frustration. Upgrade by calling Sound & Theater at (716) 632-2790, starting a chat on this page, or filling out our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!  


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