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3 Whole Home Automation System Trends to Watch Out for in 2022


Get the latest smart technology in your home for added convenience and energy savings

As the new year begins, new technologies are being released to make our lives easier. Whether you are a seasoned technology enthusiast or someone who casually enjoys the convenience that a smart home brings, the latest smart technology can improve your lifestyle. Check out these three whole home automation system trends to watch out for in 2022 to elevate your home in Buffalo to Amherst, NY.



Energy efficiency will become more prominent in the coming year. Smart homes will use green energy solutions, reducing the overall impact on the environment and lowering monthly energy bills. Smart lighting will illuminate only occupied areas, and lighting intensity will automatically adjust depending on what the room is being used for.

Occupancy sensors and monitoring systems will alert your home automation system when there are people in a room to automatically turn on the lights and air conditioner, then turn off the lights and HVAC when a space is empty. Our experts predict that the ability to learn movement patterns will become more widespread and embedded in automation systems.

Health Technology

The ongoing pandemic has put an increased focus on health in smart technology. Going into 2022, we expect to see an increase in devices that monitor and detect shifts in your health through temperature sensors, sleep monitoring devices, and air purification systems. Health tech includes fitness devices such as Peloton bikes and activity trackers that can monitor changes in our bodies. As manufacturers develop more technology focused on wellness, we expect the way we approach healthcare at home to change.


Security systems are becoming smarter, incorporating features that include control of lighting, high-definition cameras, access control, and alarm systems into a centralized and intuitive interface that responds to the tap of a button. Features like motion sensors, remote monitoring, and vacation modes that simulate occupancy discourage potential intruders from targeting your home. As more technology comes with microphones and cameras, devices themselves have to be more secure from cyberattacks. Experienced smart home integrators will install systems with software that protects your family’s privacy.


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