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The Benefits of Integrating Control4 Automation with A Home Theater System


Easily control all of your audio-video devices from a single centralized interface 

Think about all of the devices that go into a home theater. There is the projector, the projector screen, the speaker system, AV receiver, each source component, and that doesn't even include non-AV features like the lighting and motorized shades. From your home in Orchard Park to Clarence, discover what you can control when integrating your home theater system with a Control4 automation system. 


4K Projector 

Sony offers various conventional and short-throw projector models to suit your needs. Dynamic 4K picture quality immerses you in your favorite movies and TV shows. If you have space limitations, you can use a short-throw projector placed close to the screen, like Sony's VPL-VZ1000ES that can signal at sizes up to 100 inches in 4K HDR. Or, use a more advanced model like the VPL-VW5000ES with 5,000 lumens of brightness, perfect for spaces with a lot of ambient lighting. Sony projectors integrate seamlessly with your Control4 system, making them easy to control so that you can focus on enjoying the unmatched picture quality. 

Lighting Control 

Light plays a huge role in your home theater's ambiance and picture quality. Integrating your smart lighting and motorized shades will make it easy to precisely control the lighting levels in your home theater with just the tap of a button. From your smart device, tablet, or remote, you can manage all of the lights in your space instead of adjusting each fixture individually, all without leaving the comfort of your seat. Close your shades to prevent glare on the screen from the same interface. You can even create a "Movie Night" scene that sets all the lighting simultaneously. Push a button, and your shades will close, your lights will dim, and your movie will start! 

Distributed AV 

When you have a movie marathon, you will eventually have to take a break. Whether you need to grab a snack from the kitchen, run to the bathroom, or take your clothes out of the dryer, your Control4 system will keep you in the loop without having to pause the movie. Easily play the sound from your home theater on your whole home audio system, so you don't miss a key piece of dialogue or action. This also works for live programs such as football games; never miss a play when leaving the theater. You can even integrate your home theater with a distributed video system that sends the video from your home theater to every other screen in your home so you can watch all of the action, too! 

Intercom Anywhere 

Intercom Anywhere is another unique feature from Control4 that works well with your home theater. Instantly communicate with the other screens in your home or even outside lines using a two-way camera and audio. For example, if someone rings the doorbell in the middle of your favorite TV show, you can pull up the doorbell camera on your screen, speak to them, and unlock the door so that they can come in. Put a call onto every screen of your home to let everyone know that your family movie night is about to start, or call the kitchen to ask your loved one to pick you up some popcorn while they are there. No matter how you use Intercom Anywhere, communication is made effortless! 

Sound & Theater is here to help you with all your home automation and cinema needs! So get started today by contacting us here or sending us a live chat below to speak to a team member right now. We’re eager to hear from you! 

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