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3 Ways To Use Centralized Distribution In Your Conference Room


Streamline operations and improve the efficiency of your business with commercial technology

Technology has become a central part of businesses of all types. Intuitive smart solutions enhance the productivity of your employees and deliver complete control and connectivity of your technology in a single, centralized interface. Simplify access to key devices, make scheduling meetings a breeze, and improve overall communications in the office. Discover how centralized distribution will make your conference rooms in Buffalo or elsewhere in Western New York operate smoothly.


Schedule Meetings

Scheduling meetings can be stressful. When your office has many departments and employees, you must coordinate who needs to attend meetings, what time works for the attendees, and what rooms are available. Figuring out this key information wastes time and energy. Conference room scheduling software makes it easy to manage your meetings with minimum effort. Tablets or wall screens outside each room will show when a meeting is booked and when the room is available. You can easily reserve the room without fear of double-booking. Integrate this technology with the platforms you already have in use, such as Microsoft Teams, allowing the host to see when attendees have openings in their schedule without having to chase everyone down.

Automate Control

Integrate your centralized AV components with a commercial automation system for an intuitive experience. For example, create a "Presentation" scene that lowers the projection screen, turns on your projector to the correct input, closes your automated shades, dims the lights, and turns on your high-fidelity speakers with just a tap of a button. You can even integrate your automation system with voice control for hands-free control with a single spoken command. There is no need for your employees to struggle with the volume or inputs!

Improve Communication

Communication is an essential part of creating solid business relationships with both clients and coworkers. This is made more difficult when conference room audio or video quality is low. Essential presentations and meetings can quickly be derailed, causing downtime and costing you money. Meeting new clients in a poorly calibrated room can ruin a good first impression and make you seem unprepared for an important meeting. A centralized and professionally installed AV system uses high-end microphones, speakers, and cameras to make communication and collaboration seamless. Your employees will have peace of mind that they won’t run into distracting technical difficulties, allowing them to focus on their presentation and impress your clients.

Are you ready to bring centralized distribution to your business? Sound & Theater is here to help you with all your commercial audio video and automation needs. Just contact us here or send us a live chat below to get started!

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