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5 Tips to Enhance Your Conference Room Design

A professional conference room design equipped with premium technology.

Improve Efficiency and Employee Satisfaction with Premium Technology

Conference rooms are arguably one of the most important spaces in any office. They are where you pitch proposals to new clients and meet with key employees to find ways to grow your business. In your conference room, that’s where the big decisions are made! It’s an important room, so it needs to be outfitted with the best technology. Here are a few key tips to help your conference room design meet its full potential to help your business, whether you’re located in Buffalo, Williamsville, or Orchard Park, NY.

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1. Install Motorized Shades and Smart Lighting

While in a meeting, you want to ensure all participants are focused and engaged. That’s near impossible in a poorly-lit room. By installing a smart lighting system and motorized shades, you ensure your conference room is always properly lit to help all participants stay alert and on-task. Plus, proper lighting makes your conference room feel more inviting.

2. Utilize Interactive Whiteboards

Now that your lights are optimized to keep your employees and clients focused, keep them engaged with an interactive whiteboard. This is a great tool when you are trying to brainstorm, develop ideas, and present proposals. It also allows in-person and remote employees to collaborate seamlessly and bounce ideas off each other.

3. Enhance Video for Remote Conferencing

The majority of companies have at least a few remote or hybrid employees. And by having video conferencing equipment, you can expand your client base. If you're video conferencing, you need to ensure you have a high-quality camera set up to always appear professional. A poorly positioned or blurry image will make it hard to communicate and won’t impress potential customers.

4. Add Distributed Audio

Everyone in your conference room should be able to hear your audio, whether it’s a remote employee speaking or a training video playing. In-ceiling speakers placed carefully throughout your conference room ensures everyone can hear, whether they're in the front or the back corner by the door or in another part of the world, joining remotely. 

5. Work with a Professional Technology Group

The most important tip for elevating your conference room design is to work with a professional technology company. They can provide you with premium technology that isn’t available at standard retailers, plus they will wire and install everything. Companies like Sound & Theater even handle your networking and integration, so all your technology works together seamlessly, and your data is protected.

Are you ready to set up your Orchard Park, NY, office for success? Then contact Sound & Theater for premium conference room technology, installation, and support. We handle everything from conference room AV to business networking and Wi-Fi. Our team will help you elevate the most important room in your business to keep employees excited and impress key customers. 

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