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Why Your Home Theater System Needs Acoustic Treatment And Soundproofing


You are planning your home theater and have selected the perfect display and surround sound system to bring your favorite movies and TV shows to life. But you’re losing value on this equipment if you don’t put them in an ideal listening environment. When you don’t acoustically treat or soundproof a room, even high-end speakers will sound washed out and uneven. Keep reading to learn why acoustic treatment and soundproofing are an essential part of installing a home theater system in your Orchard Park or Western New York home.


Acoustic Treatment

You’ve heard about the importance of acoustics in a home theater room, but what exactly are acoustics? Acoustics describes how sound interacts with an environment. For example, if you speak in an empty room with tile flooring, your voice would echo. If you talk in a room filled with cushy furniture, thick curtains, and plush carpet, your voice would be much quieter and would travel less distance. As you can see, the furniture, walls, and flooring affect how you experience the sound in your home theater. Acoustic treatments must be an integral part of the home theater design and installation process to ensure that you can experience top performance from your surround sound speakers. One way to accomplish this is to install hanging or freestanding acoustic panels that match your walls' color to blend in or add a pop of color to your home cinema. We recommend working with an installation expert to ensure that they are placed correctly to prevent reflections and dead spots. An expert will create a custom design for your room and test the acoustic levels to ensure your surround sound performs as it is supposed to.


Room acoustics are just one component for you to consider when creating a dedicated private home cinema. Other sound treatments can affect your experience. If your theater room is located near a family member's bedroom, you should consider soundproofing your space, so the audio from your movies and TV shows doesn’t keep them awake at night. On the other hand, you might want to prevent outside sounds from interrupting your home theater experience. Whether you want one sound treatment or both, this is best accomplished in the early stages of a home theater installation using various isolation techniques and dampening barriers between the house structure and the floors and walls of the room. If the room has already been built, Sound & Theater can install dampening barriers and add a layer of drywall, flooring, and ceiling to create the necessary effect. Your home theater should keep audio contained, block outside noises, and ensure that the sound in your home theater is optimized.

Now is the perfect time to work with a home theater system expert to upgrade your home entertainment experience. Contact us here or send us a chat at the bottom-right of your screen to start talking with a professional now.

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