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Media Room vs. Home Theater: What’s the Difference


Determine Which Design is Best for Your Buffalo Home 

If you’re in the market to upgrade your home’s entertainment system, you may have heard the terms media room and home theater floating around. While these spaces are similar, you can think of a home theater as a private cinema and a media room as a sociably designed space in your Buffalo, NY-area home.

However you choose to design your home, Sound and Theater can consult with you before you buy any equipment or furnishings. We take enormous pride in our customer service and technical skills, have served the area since 2001, and will consider your family’s entertainment needs to provide a home theater or media room design that will last you well into the future.

Keep reading our blog to learn which home entertainment configuration is best for you and why.

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Home Theater

We have extensive experience with both the installation and design of home theater projects but also consult with homeowners to determine their exact needs. If you’re a die-hard movie buff, then a home theater is the way to go. Home theaters provide you with a Hollywood film experience—lush seating, excellent sound, and superb images. Focused watching and the enjoyment of immersive sound are the two significant activities happening in this space, and the movie seating is optimized to ensure the best views of the main screen. Anyone whispering during the movie better watch out for the movie buff’s wrath - this is a no-talking zone!

We can help you determine if a TV display or projection screen is best, along with what type of surround sound system you’d like to include. We work with the best brands so you can rest easy knowing you’re in the professional hands of Sound and Theater.

Media Room

A media room is designed with family in mind, with an expectation that social interaction will occur in the room. Seating is comfortable but not necessarily facing the main viewing screen as in a home theater. Think of a media room as a space where everyone can watch movies, but there may also be gaming systems, a pool table, and increased natural lighting in this space. Movie buffs will still enjoy this space but may wish for blackout motorized shades when it’s time to watch the latest Oscar-winning film.

Media rooms are a new iteration of traditional family rooms, serving as an entertainment location for the entire family. The kids can play Xbox in one area of the room while you and your partner are watching primetime television. It’s a great way to keep everyone close and comfortable, even when technology seems to have taken hold of the household.


Whether you decide a home theater or media room would be best for your Buffalo, NY home, Sound and Theater is ready to help from design to installation. Call us today at (716) 632-2790, contact us online, or chat with a real person using the button below. We can’t wait to work with you.

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