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CEDIA 2019: The Latest in Big-Screen Entertainment for Your Home


Create the Ultimate At-Home Theater Experience with these Top-Tier Display Solutions Showcased at CEDIA 

Another year of the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) Expo has come and gone, showcasing a wide variety of innovative products in audio and video, security, smart home systems, and more.

Despite the sheer amount of technology on display during the three-day tradeshow, we were particularly impressed with the latest innovations in big-screen entertainment for residential environments. Today’s solutions from leading brands like Epson, Sony, and Samsung are making it easier than ever to bring the immersive cinematic experience to just about any room in your home.

Below, we´ll highlight a few of the top-tier display solutions showcased at CEDIA that you should consider incorporating into the next media room or home theater installation in your Clarence, NY home. 

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Epson LS-500 4K Short-Throw Projector

Epson is truly redefining the everyday television experience with the introduction of its LS-500 Laser Projection TV, a new generation of digital projection capable of displaying 4K HDR content at up to 120 inches. This projector, which sits just inches away from the screen on your wall, is perfect for homeowners who want a bigger-than-TV image but aren’t sure about installing a projector in their home.

The Epson LS-500 Laser Projection TV is a complete solution that combines an advanced ultra-throw laser projector and an ultra-high-definition ambient light rejecting screen, available at 100 inches or 120 inches. With 4,000 lumens and over 2,500,000:1 contrast ratio, the LS-500 delivers exceptionally bright and beautifully vivid color that’s perfectly viewable in any room environment.

Enjoy your favorite content from apps like Netflix, HBO, Showtime, YouTube, Hulu, ESPN, and more using the LS-500 embedded Android TV smart platform. What’s more, the LS-500 even includes front-firing stereo speakers and support for 3D video.

Sony Z9G 8K LCD Television

The brand-new Master Series Z9G 8K LCD television from Sony brings big-screen entertainment to your home with whopping 98-inch and 85-inch models that display four times the resolution of today’s standard 4K TVs.

Powered by Sony’s proprietary X1 Ultimate processor, the Master Series Z9G differentiates itself from the rest by faithfully analyzing every frame of incoming video to ensure the clarity, contrast, and color is as accurate to the creator’s intent as possible. The picture is sharpened and refined in real time, revealing details that were previously difficult or impossible to see.

With a Sony Z9G 8K LCD television in your home theater or media room, you’ll feel like you’re right inside the action of your favorite films. This Master Series solution also includes four front-firing speakers and can be connected directly to your receiver to operate as a center speaker in any multi-speaker configuration.

Samsung Q900 QLED 8K Television

Samsung calls their Q900 QLED Smart 8K UHD television their best TV ever, and with good reason. This solution combines true-to-life 8K HDR picture quality, AI-powered intelligent upscaling, and smart home-ready features wrapped up in a sleek, modern design for a revolutionary TV experience in any home.

Powered by Samsung’s most powerful Quantum processor, the Q900 remasters content into stunning 8K detail, optimizes sound for every scene, adjusts brightness to the room’s environment, and customizes content recommendations.

No matter which size screen you choose, which range between 55 and 98 inches, you’ll consistently enjoy intensely deep colors, super-fine details, and astounding cinematic clarity during every viewing experience. What’s more, the Q900 adds to your home décor with Ambient Mode, which eliminates a black screen when turned off and instead showcases meaningful images and wall-matching artwork to complement your style.


We’ve only just scratched the surface of the impressive showcasing of big-screen entertainment at CEDIA. Our team at Sound & Theater partners with leading brands like Epson, Samsung, and Sony to bring homeowners like you the absolute best in audiovisual solutions for dedicated home theaters, media rooms, and more.

To learn more about these display solutions and how to incorporate them into your home, contact us here or send us a live chat below now to talk with a team member right now. We look forward to assisting you!

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