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The Latest Technologies from the CES 2020 Trade Show


New Innovations to Incorporate into Your Home’s Automation System 

The Consumer Technology Association’s annual Consumer Electronics Show was in Las Vegas once again this year, and it debuted new devices and technologies that will become available for your New York smart home this year. From the slightly absurd to technical genius, CES 2020 is always a trade show full of innovation and excitement in the entertainment capital of the world. Last year, the Impossible Burger debuted – a technological food innovation – and Sony and Samsung both debuted 98-inch 8K upscaling TVs.

So, what new smart devices or trends did CES 2020 debut that you could incorporate into your own home automation system? Keep reading to learn about a few of the new offerings that will soon become available to your Ellicottville, NY smart home.

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One of the major trends seen at CES 2020 was moving connected devices toward being anticipatory of your needs instead of reactive to only a button press. This means smart thermostats can learn your preferences then adjust your HVAC system to automatically to turn on before you come home so the home isn’t too cold upon your arrival. Or, smart lighting can learn your habits and turn on certain interior lights before your usual arrival time from work.

Other trends included large, innovative TV displays and product expansion of well-known brands like Honeywell and Lutron.

LG Rollable TV

If you’re a fan of hidden technology, then this OLED TV is perfect for you. Hidden when not in use, the LG 65-inch rollable OLED TV is flexible enough to roll up or down, essentially like a projection screen, into its cabinet whenever you’re not watching. The cabinet houses the TV’s sound system, too, and can be used to listen to music even when the screen is rolled away.


At CES 2020 Honeywell announced the Home M5 Smart Thermostat that goes against modern design. Instead of looking futuristic like many smart thermostats on the market today, it takes on a midcentury design and goes beyond lowering your energy costs. It can detect water leaks and monitor air quality within your Ellicottville-area home when it’s paired with other Honeywell Resideo smart products.


Lutron has been a longtime friend of homes and home automation since the 1960s and one of our favorite home lighting control system brands. At CES 2020, Lutron announced that the entry level Caséta product line is expanding with wireless and battery-operated motion sensors and the Caséta repeater that can extend the range signal of the Smart Bridge by 60 feet when placed near the bridge.


We’re always excited to witness the fun and innovative products unveiled at CES, and this year’s offerings were no disappointment! If you’d like to discuss how these and other products can improve your home and integrate into a new or existing home automation system, call us today at (716) 632-2790 or use our online contact form to get started. We can’t wait to hear from you. 

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