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4 Ways to Use Your Home Audio System for Custom Listening


Play Audio Throughout Your Home from a Variety of Sources 

Technology innovations today have taken the joy of listening to music in your home to new heights, especially with the streaming revolution. But if you still have love for old-school audio sources like CD players and turntables, don’t fret. You can also connect those sources to your home audio system for timeless listening.

Ready to revolutionize how you play audio throughout your Buffalo, NY home? Keep reading to learn about four sources from which you can play music, podcasts, and more on your home audio system.

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Online Streaming

We all know that online streaming is today’s bread and butter of playing endless music. Choose from a wide variety of streaming services to connect to your home audio system, like Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer, and more. Any service you desire can be easily distributed across your home in rooms where you have connected speakers — structured or wireless. Control your audio with ease from the simple touch of a keypad, tablet, remote, or smart device.

CD Players

CD players are certainly no longer the norm, but they haven’t completely disappeared. If you still have cases of CDs lying around in storage, you can give them new life by connecting them to your home audio system.

Reliable cabling makes it easy to hook up your CD player, whether it’s standalone or portable, to your A/V receiver so that you can play any disc on connected speakers throughout your home. Gain even more options with a multi-zone receiver by playing a CD in one area of your home and a Pandora playlist in another. No matter the number of zones you have, easily control them all from one intuitive interface.­­


Turntables have made a comeback in recent years, redeeming their “cool” factor again thanks to the millennial era. No matter the age of your turntable, you can distribute the audio from vinyl records throughout your whole home with just a phono preamp.

Easily connect your record player to your receiver using a phono preamp for easy vinyl music distribution. Many newer record players even come with one built in, but you can always purchase one separately if your player is truly vintage.

TV Audio

Don’t want to miss a second of the action as the Sabres chase a berth in the NHL playoffs? Hook up the audio from your TV to your home audio system with just an HDMI, coaxial, or optical cable. Select TV audio on your receiver and listen as your TV audio comes to life throughout your home. Need help knowing which cable to use? No problem. Our team at Sound and Theater can quickly help guide you through the process.

The possibilities of enjoying your home audio system don’t stop at online streaming, even if that is the most popular way to listening to music these days in a multi-room sound system. With the right wiring installation, you can easily distribute audio throughout your home from CDs, records, your TV, your phone, and more. Whatever the source, we can help you connect it to your smart home for easy control.


Have more questions about connecting sources to your home audio system? Maybe you’re ready for an upgrade?

Our team at Sound & Theater can get you started today! Just contact us here or send a live chat below to start talking to our team of professional home audio system installers today.


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