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CES 2019: The Home Theater Takeaways You Can’t Miss


Here’s a Glimpse into the Future of Home Theater Displays 

Another year of the CES exposition has come and gone, and with it more than 188,000 techies who traveled to the show in Las Vegas. Every year, CES welcomes a wide range of companies, from tech titans to small startups, to show the world what technology innovations it can expect to see in the coming year.

Despite the sheer number of products showcased at CES every year, TV displays reliably steal the show. And this year didn’t disappoint. From whopping 219-inch displays and MicroLED technology to 8K picture and even rollable TVs, the exhibit floor was impressive.

If you stayed home in Amherst or in Western New York and missed the show, here’s a brief rundown of some of our favorite TV displays showcased at CES, some of which could even make their way into your next home theater installation.

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LG Signature OLED TV R

LG arguably stole the show with its flagship rollable TV that literally rolls into a base and disappears when not in use. Coming to the market in late 2019, this 4K Signature 65-inch rollable OLED TV moves in and out of its base like a roll of paper to perform a variety of use-cases.

At its tallest, the TV stands at a standard 16:9 ratio but can change its height to match a 21:9 cinema-wide ratio, which eliminates the black bars that often appear at the top and bottom of your screen when watching films. Bring the TV down further to be a small informational display for smart TV notifications, photos, and more. This could be perfect for hybrid home theater installations, in rooms that might serve multiple purposes in your house for example.

LG 88-inch Z9 8K OLED TV

For those who enjoy a more traditional display, LG showed off a variety of its OLED and LCD TVs, with an impressive one being its 88-inch Z9 8K OLED model. 8K may still be a ways from the market, but it’s certainly closer to customers’ hands now than it’s ever been. It’s currently the highest UHD television resolution in digital television and digital cinematography today.

This display features Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos technology for a truly immersive audio visual experience, and it also features Alexa support in addition to Google Assistant so you can pick and choose the voice assistant that runs your smart home.

Samsung 219-inch MicroLED TV

Another jaw-dropping TV showcased at CES was Samsung’s whopping 219-inch UHD MicroLED display dubbed “The Wall.” This giant is created with modular MicroLED technology that aligns micro-metered-sized LEDs tightly together to form a screen. Similar to OLED, the modules emit light on their own but last longer than OLED technology. This creates a vibrant image with deep blacks and stunning, immersive contrast.

Don’t have a 219-inch space in your home theater for this TV? That’s okay. Samsung also showcased a 75-inch version aimed more toward smaller spaces. Both TV displays can perfectly blend in with your interior décor when not in use, which is a nice feature if your display is literally the size of your wall.

Samsung 98-inch QLED 8K TV

TV size was certainly a wow-factor at this year’s CES, and Samsung’s 98-inch QLED 8K display was no exception. Outsizing its 85-inch 8K display showcased at CES in 2018, Samsung keeps going bigger for those who desire a true home theater experience.

Samsung’s QLED 8K displays feature A.I. technology that can recognize and upscale any content, regardless of the native resolution, to near 8K quality no matter what you’re watching. You can also use voice commands with these TVs, as Samsung’s Bixby personal assistant is built right in.

Intimated by the behemoth 98-inch model? Samsung says it will also offer it in smaller sizes, from 65 to 85 inches.

Sony 98-inch Z9G 8K TV

The size competition continued on the show floor with Sony’s 98-inch Z9G 8K display. The largest of its TV lineup called the Master Series, the display includes the same Picture Processor X1 Ultimate as the rest of its Master Series collection. This processor has a unique algorithm for 8K that intelligently detects and analyzes every object in the picture, resulting in exceptional detail and contrast that more closely represents what the creator intended.

Although many of these impressive displays are not yet on the market, they’re certainly on their way. Our team at Sound & Theater takes pride in staying on top of the trends to bring the latest innovations to your home theater for optimum convenience and luxury.


Thinking about getting started on a home theater installation at your property in the Amherst area or elsewhere here in Western New York? Our team love to answer any questions you have and help get you started.

Just contact us here or send a chat below to talk to a team member today!

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