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Here’s Why You Should Rethink a DIY Smart Home Installation


Leave All Your Smart Home Dreams to Sound & Theater 

Popular smart-home platforms like Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Apple HomeKit are sparking a new wave of consumer technology trends that help make the home life easier. And at big-name stores, you can now purchase smart thermostats, smart surveillance cameras, lighting control, and more at affordable prices.

It seems like the array of consumer technology available would make it easy to create a robust smart home by yourself, right? If you think so, you might be asking yourself the wrong questions.

In this blog, we help guide you through the right questions for your smart home installation and discuss why you may want to hire a local professional instead here in the Clarence, New York area instead. That’s where Sound and Theater can help. Just keep reading to learn more!

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Consider These Questions

There’s nothing wrong with purchasing a smart thermostat and motorized shades and letting them do their jobs. But what if you want them to work together to help you save energy? Or maybe you installed a video surveillance camera by your front door and want it to talk to your alarm system. Don’t forget that each device has a different interface and app to navigate, too. And can these devices scale with increasing needs?

Before you decide to tackle a smart home installation by yourself, check out this list of handy questions to consider:

  • Can all these smart devices connect and work together with your preferred Apple, Amazon, or Google ecosystem?

  • Do these smart devices have the capacity to scale in order to serve various areas of your home?

  • Do these smart devices offer robust security against potential cyber hacking or other abuse?

  • Is your network strong enough to handle the bandwidth all your connected devices might require?

  • Can you manage all of the connected devices from one universal control, or will it result in a plethora of different apps and remotes?

  • Are these smart devices easily manageable should you face a technical issue such as loss of connectivity?

  • As innovation changes, can you swiftly update your smart devices to meet new needs?

  • Do all of these smart devices create your dream smart home?

Make the Process Painless

DIY projects are a lot of fun, and if you’re only looking for one smart solution, devices today can make that installation a cinch. But a robust smart home harnesses the power of multiple smart solutions that work together to serve you from the simple touch of one control. Achieving something of that scale takes the knowledge and skill of a professional integrator.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the questions above. Let our team at Sound & Theater do the integrating for you. We’ll ask you exactly what your goals are for your dream smart home and get to work on a secure design as simple or complex as needed to perfectly fit your needs. We’ll also continue to proactively serve you as your technical support to make any necessary adjustments along the way.


Request a consultation today! Get started here or simply send us a chat below to start talking with our team of professional smart home installers. We’d love to help you create your dream smart home.


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