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Beat the New York Cold this Season with Motorized Shades


Ready for Winter? With this Smart Home Addition, You Will Be. 

Forecasts may predict a milder-than-normal winter this year in the greater Buffalo area, but that doesn’t mean we won’t still see below-freezing temperatures and lots of snow. How do you prepare for the cold here in Western New York? Blankets, hot chocolate, and lots of layers is a start. But add motorized shades to that list, and you’ll see benefits that last all year long at home.

In this blog, we explore how motorized shades are the perfect smart home addition to keep your space warm this winter. You’ll learn how motorized shades can benefit you during every season, too! Just keep reading to learn more.

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Insulate Your Home

Extreme weather, hot or cold, can wreak havoc on your HVAC system. To mitigate the amount of energy you use this winter season, install motorized shades to insulate your home and trap warm air inside.

Without any sort of insulation, the warm air from your heater will escape through windows, causing your energy usage to skyrocket and your whole home to stay cold. Motorized shades are the perfect solution to ensure warm air stays inside while giving your HVAC system a break.

Think of your motorized shades as a blanket. When you’re cold, you wrap yourself up to trap heat and stay warm. Motorized shades do the same for your home. For added warmth, consider using honeycomb shades that use a cellular design as an added layer of insulation! You even can use motorized drapery or curtains, as well.

Schedule Scenes

Even in winter, there may be times during the day when you’d like to lift your shades to let in natural light or enjoy your outdoor views. By integrating your motorized shades with a smart home automation system like Control4, you can set schedules to lift or lower your shades at certain times of the day.

If you enjoy natural light in the morning, set a schedule for your shades to lift at 8:00 AM and lower again at 4:00 PM when it starts to get chillier and dark outside. Change your schedule however you’d like depending on the weather or your plans, and your shades will do the work for you.

Use Sensors to Detect a Change in Temperature

For even more convenience and peace of mind, use integrated sensors that detect the temperature in your house and adjust your motorized shades accordingly. If the sensors detect that your home is getting too cold, your shades will lower to keep warm air inside. If your home gets too warm, your shades will lift to let some warm air escape.

With smart home automation, you can even integrate your HVAC system and lighting control system with your motorized shades to create the best energy-saving protocols in your home without having to lift a finger.

Stay warmer this winter (and more comfortable all year long) with motorized shades.

Need help getting started? As your local motorized shades installer, we have the answers! Just contact us here or send a chat below to talk with a professional in the Buffalo area today.


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