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4 Ways Your Home Automation System Can Boost Your Health


Let the Smart Home You Take Care of Also Take Care of You 

As IoT and automation become increasingly prevalent in our everyday home and work lives, we’re finding ourselves living a more sedentary lifestyle behind computers and other technology devices. To make things worse, the studies often pair the advancement of technology with growing health issues such as weight gain and higher risk of diseases.

So, we’re going to set things straight for those in the Buffalo, New York area. Your home automation system can foster your health in several ways that others might tend to overlook, from air-quality testing to simulated natural lighting and more.

Let us give you the facts. Keep reading to learn four ways your smart home can boost your wellness and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

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Simulated Natural Lighting

Both the intensity and color of a home’s artificial lighting have significant impacts on the quality of our sleep and overall health. A smart lighting system can regulate the brightness and temperature of your indoor lighting to simulate natural light provided by the sun.

Natural light patterns signal both the cortisol and melatonin hormones in our bodies to make us feel alert during the day and relaxed in the evening. By switching to daylight LED bulbs, for example, you can instantly alter the quality of indoor light within your house. A comprehensive lighting automation system, however, can include customizable lighting options that can allow you to mimic the patterns you need for good sleep. In the morning, schedule for your lights to be at a bright, cool temperature for you to start your day focused. In the evening, shift to a warmer, dimmer light that allows you to relax.

Regulated Temperature

A smart heating and air conditioning system does wonders for energy savings and convenience, but it can also help improve your breathing. Adding sensors to your Control4 system deliver ideal comfort by regulating the temperature of the air you breathe, ensuring constant cool air throughout your whole home to make breathing easier. Sensors can detect humidity and automatically instruct your system to regulate levels in your home, which can help with allergies and other illnesses. Additionally, you can add temperature sensors to your most frequented rooms to ensure they are always at your favorite levels.

Motorized Shading

Complementary to smart HVAC and indoor natural lighting systems are motorized shades, which serve as a great bio-hack for regulating your circadian rhythm and keeping your breathing air cool. Set a schedule for your shades to lift, lower, or completely shut at the same time every day to help control how much sun you let into your home at the right time.

Voice Control

Voice control technology, such as Amazon Alexa, can assist in keeping you calm when you’re feeling stressed or overworked. At the simple command of your voice, Alexa can take you through guided meditations, proven calming techniques, and even play sleep and relaxation sounds that can help you feel more in control.

You take care of your home every day. Don’t forget to let your smart home take care of you, too.


Start your journey to better health with the right home automation system. Need help getting started? Contact us here or chat with us at the bottom-right of this screen to start talking with our team of Buffalo-area home automation professionals right now.


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