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The Perfect Home Theater System for the Minimalist in You


These Home Theater Solutions Are Music to a Minimalist’s Ears 

There’s a lot of gear that goes into creating a high-end home theater. The equipment list starts with a projector, a screen display, and some speakers. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You must also consider source components, an A/V receiver, a remote-control system, acoustics, and other room accessories. And depending on your vision, the list can drag on.

So, if you lean toward a more minimalistic style, we get why a home theater system could seem like a great way to clutter your house with bulky technology and disarrange a clean, simplistic space.

Luckily for the minimalist in here in the Buffalo, NY area who desires the luxury of a home theater system, there are plenty of solutions that can complement your style. Read on to learn a few simple ways you can accomplish a clutter-free home theater.

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Gear Be Gone!

Is it magic? Is it sorcery? No, but that’d be cool. Instead, many manufacturers have created home theater equipment and accessories that can be easily concealed in your home as if it’s part of the interior design or not even there at all.

Consider a custom ceiling soffit to hide your video projector or a retractable projection screen. Motorized lifts are also a popular option to conceal speakers, screens, and other equipment until you’re ready to use them. And that big rack of A/V equipment? Shield that from the naked eye by placing it out of view. A professional wiring installation can ensure, as well, that any cables remain out of view.


One Soundbar is All You Need

A soundbar is the perfect solution for achieving the surround sound effect in your home theater without having to integrate multiple speakers throughout the entire space. Keep things simple with a single soundbar flush with the bottom your screen. Some of the best soundbars available today are even capable of replicating Dolby Atmos or three-dimensional audio.

If you’re unhappy with the surround sound effect of a soundbar, consider an in-wall and in-ceiling speaker solution that remains entirely hidden from view through lying flush with the wall and being painted over to match your surrounding color scheme.


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Dexterous Design

For the equipment that could be more difficult to conceal completely, there are several clever ways to make it look like part of your interior design without cluttering up your space.

Samsung, for example, manufactures TVs as large as 82 inches that feature a built-in ambient mode – so that when you aren’t watching your favorite movie or TV show, your screen showcases a piece of artwork instead of a lifeless, dark screen.


Our team of professionals has years of home theater design experience here in the Buffalo area, meaning we can help provide additional recommendations to achieve the perfect minimalist look for your home cinema.

Ready to create your perfect, clutter-free home cinema? Or maybe you already have a home theater system but want to make some modern tweaks for a cleaner look?

Ask us how we can help! Contact us here or just send us a chat at the bottom-right of your screen to start talking with a professional now.


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