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3 Practical Lighting Control System Scenes


Simplify Management of Your Lighting with Intuitive Smart Technology

A cornerstone of home automation is the scene, a predetermined set of actions that occur simultaneously with a single push of a button. Building scenes allows you to illuminate an area based on the lighting needs for specific activities and customize your lighting to your daily routines. Program and save your scenes in a home automation system from Control4 to access all of them on a single interface. Easily activate your scenes from your smartphone, wall panel, or handheld remote.

With all of the options available to you, where do you begin? Our team has broken down some of the most common, practical scenes that we recommend to start your home automation journey. Discover three lighting control system scenes that will add convenience and luxury to your lifestyle in Buffalo, NY and the entire Western NY region.



Good Morning

Whether you are a morning person or someone who hits the snooze button, your morning routines are essential to start your day on a good note. Create a customized "Good Morning" scene to streamline the process of waking up to getting out the door. Schedule your lights to slowly turn on over the course of fifteen minutes before your alarm is set to go off, gently rousing you from your sleep. When it is time for you to wake up, your kitchen lights will turn on so you can easily make your morning coffee. If you like to watch the news in the morning, your television can also be programmed to turn on to your preferred channel.



The rush to get out the door on your way to work or before a big event can be stressful. Making sure your kids have everything for school, turning off all the lights, locking doors, and remembering to close the garage door can make you feel rushed. Why not simplify the process? Create an "Away" scene to secure your home as you leave. With a quick tap on your wall-mounted touchscreen, all of the lights and electronics in your home will turn off, your doors will lock, your alarms will arm, your shades will close, your thermostat will go into energy-saving mode, and your garage door will close fifteen minutes after the scene is activated.


Good Night

Think about all you have to do before you go to bed: going to every room to turn off the lights, closing the shades for added privacy, locking the doors, and turning down the thermostat. A "Good Night" scene automates these actions with just a tap of a button. Activate your scene using the Control4 app on your smart device of choice without having to leave the comfort of your bed. Customize which lights go all the way off, which stay on (such as a porch light), and which are dimmed (such as hallway or stair lights so you can easily find your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night). Your motorized shades will close, your doors will lock, and your thermostat will adjust to the perfect temperature for sleeping. Personalize everything to your unique preferences!

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