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3 Rooms Where Motorized Shades Will Transform the Look and Feel of Your Space


Gain the best of function and style with QMotion automated blinds and shades

If you’ve always had manual window coverings in your home, you may not realize the transformative power shades, blinds, drapes, and other window treatments have. Manual shades are cumbersome to open, close, and adjust to the right level — it’s no surprise if you feel it’s easier to keep them closed most of the time rather than deal with the hassle.

But motorized shades make control effortless: they open and close at the press of a button on your smartphone and tablet and are easily adjustable to sit at the precise level you desire. Once effortless control is in your hands, you’ll have the power to explore how automated shades and blinds can transform the amount of lighting, ambiance, and style in your home spaces.

Keep reading to reimagine your Williamsville or Orchard Park, NY, home spaces with QMotion motorized shades.


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Media Room

Whether you have a dedicated home theater, media room, or living-room-slash-entertainment-hub, a shading solution is a must-have anywhere you regularly watch movies, TV, sports, video games, and other content. There’s nothing that ruins a good film quite like glare or natural light that washes out the on-screen image quality.

QMotion offers a selection of room darkening blackout shades with multiple fabric options to meet your interior design. All motorized systems have brackets that reduce side light gaps to a half-inch on each side — one of the narrowest solutions on the market. When you’re ready to watch a movie or browse Netflix, all you have to do is press a button on your smartphone or issue a voice command to envelop your room in darkness.



Improve your morning routine by incorporating natural light into it. You can use the QMotion smartphone or tablet app to set a schedule for your bedroom shades so that they rise in sync with your morning alarm or wake-up routine. Natural light exposure is a healthy way to start your day — it can help you feel more awake and alert going into the daily grind.

Have your bedroom shades close on schedule every evening to ensure privacy while you get ready for bed and create a comfortable environment for sleeping. Sleeping in complete darkness can help you fall asleep faster and sleep more restfully — QMotion shades ensure that streetlights, car lights, and the moon don’t disturb your slumber.


Living Room

Large, open-concept living rooms are an amazing way to add more natural light to your interiors — but too much light can cause glare, heat, and damage to furniture and décor. QMotion motorized shading systems allow you to perfectly balance natural light and privacy in common areas like the living room.

Light-filtering shades transform bright, harsh sunlight into a soft glow that infuses your living spaces. At the same time, the shade fabric will be dense enough to protect your privacy from prying eyes and prevent the sun’s rays from fading or damaging furniture and artwork. You can schedule shades to open in the morning and close during the hottest times of the day. Use your smartphone or a remote with pre-set position buttons to effortlessly adjust your shades to the perfect setting whenever you choose.

QMotion shades are available in a range of neutral colors, bold patterns and prints, and a variety of fabric styles to meet your design needs.


Enhance your home’s elegance and functionality with a QMotion motorized shades installation. Sound & Theater is your trusted QMotion dealer for residences in Western New York. Call us today, fill out an online form, or start a live chat on our website to get in touch with our expert team. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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